Monday, September 03, 2012


A cure-all, a sovereign remedy, a universal solution - such is the usual understanding of a panacea. Have it and problems are gone. Observe it and everything will be alright. It is not altogether unlike the nature and effect of illegal drugs. Take them and all difficulties disappear, all delights come to fore, it is heaven from then on.

The RH Bill is a panacea - as far as its authors, promoters and supporters are concerned. Such is the harmonious song loudly sang specially by WHO plus the contraceptive multinational pharmaceuticals. As far as the present Philippine government is concerned, make RH Bill a law and poverty would be gone, life would be much easier to live, socio-economic development would be a certainty, criminality would be a thing of the past.

Prevent contraception, control births, depopulate the country - through the RH bill - and there would be more marriages in the Philippines. This was the song recently sung by an RH bill admirer and supporter on the occasion of the report made by the NSCB that there are now less marriages in the country. Reason: Poverty. Solution: RH Bill. Reply: How simplistic! How cocksure! How dogmatic!

There are fewer marriages among Filipinos. Could this be on the account of the influence of the s0-called "First World Countries" where marriage does not matter, where couples simply live together and separate as they wish, where children simply copy the same ease of living with and separating from their parents? This is not to mention the divorce mentality in such places.

There are fewer marriages in the Philippines. Would this not be due to the influence of more and morenumber of people - specially among the rich and famous plus known local movie stars - who get married and get out of it, who simply prefer cohabitation thereby making marriage a thing of the past?

There are fewer marriages in the country. Should this not be a warning that the Filipino culture and consequent value system have been eroded by the invasion of contra-foreign mentality and practices? Would not the pending Divorce Bill in the legislature be but a loud affirmation of the said mentality and practices?

The thesis that there ar fewer Filipino marriages because of poverty will not merit the approval of reason and logic - notwithstanding its defense with the collaboration of MalacaƱang. There are free marriages in cities and municipalities. There are free marriages in parishes all over the country. "I do," says bride. "I do," says the groom. This is the substance or the essence of marriage - no gown nor suit needed, no songs nor flowers necessary, no food nor drinks obligatory.

Poverty is the cause of fewer marriages! Ha? RH Bill is the answer! Ha? The fewer the Filipinos, the more marriages there will be! Ha?