Friday, June 03, 2011

Reproductive Health Bill: HB 4244

STRANGE but true: There is this other distinctly cited and strongly proposed pro-choice reproductive (read: unproductive) and health (read: unhealthy) HB 4244 that is poised to penalize and /or fine those who precisely make the choice to be against it! Translation: The Bill in effect leaves no choice for people than to comply therewith—or else. One can only wonder what inspired the formulation of this threatening and fearsome Bill: MalacaƱang patronage? Lobby money? Adventurism?

Thus it is that the people in general are subject to the penalty of imprisonment and / or fine in the event that as individuals or as groups of citizens, they express their conviction and/or considered opinion against any provision of the Bill. The penalty is imposed in the event that such a stance is judged as “malicious disinformation”

So too are health care providers subject to the penalty of imprisonment and/or fine in case they fail to provide reproductive information and care to their respective assigned community. The said task should be extended to everyone therein, irrespective of their status and gender, their creed and age. Let it be also pointed out that the said information and care include mutilation such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

And employers themselves are subject to imprisonment and/or fine when they do not provide free reproductive health care, supply, services, devices and anti-pregnancy surgical procedures, to their workers/employees—particularly to women. Said penalty and/or fine is imposed upon the employers every time they fail to comply with the contraceptive provisions of the Bill.

The Bill supposedly thought of and premised on the pro-choice principle, is a big falsity as there is really no choice for all those concerned than to comply therewith. The “pro-choice” Bill is in fact a proposed penal legislation. The “pro-choice Bill penalizes those who choose otherwise—not only with imprisonment or with fine but possibly with both imprisonment and fine. The “pro-choice” Bill is downright obligatory!

There are several RH Bills—individually proposed or reconciled with other similar RH Bills. It is said that the people are free to have children or not, free to have this or that number of children, free to have them when and where. Filipinos however are not free to choose where their direct and indirect taxes should go—to contraceptive means / services or pro-life means/ services. Pay they must but choose they may not. Free they are to be pro-choice, but not to be pro-life.


3 June 2011