Monday, May 31, 2010


In the recent past up to these days, there is one main and continuous complaint said ad nauseam: Garbage here! Garbage there! Garbage everywhere! Of course, there have always been some people trying to clean them, attempting to get rid of them, one way or another. But garbage there always is, and they are apparently becoming even more, And until something definite and defined anti-garbage resolution and consequent action come to fore, would the Filipinos not be surprised when the time come that theirs would be eventually called "Garbage Country".

While it is tree that a great quantity of material garbage is thrown about by certain people in practically all streets and comers of a big number of Cities and Municipalities in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, it is more tree however that big and high files of moral garbage are all over the Country -courtesy of the out-going government from the national to the local levels. And if it is not that easy to clean up the material garbage on the ground, it is even much harder to do away with the moral garbage in all the three branches of government - the executive one in particular.

Needless to say, the in-coming government cannot but exert its best effort in getting rid of street garbage. But it has to be categorically unforgiving in cleansing the Country of its still present and abundant moral garbage that has become structural in kind if not already cultural in span. This is not merely about ingrained criminality, abundant illegal drugs, immortal "legal" and illegal gambling, continuous drug trade, smuggling unlimited, carnal commerce, customary fraud and deceit in offices as well as in streets.

More than anything else, it is about the glaring graft and outrageous corrupt practices in almost all government agencies and corporations. The ultimate vidtims of these downright official thievery are definitely not hard to know nor difficult to find, viz., the people as a whole. Their government victimization comes in terms of the following concrete abominable social constants: Poverty and hunger Lack of social services. Very limited educational possibilities. Too few job opportunities. Low wages and high priced consumer goods. Fearful prices of electricity and power. Direct and indirect taxes from birth to death. To say a few.

The admittedly compound and complex question is the following: Does the in'coming government have the competence and resolve to clean the well entrenched and much scattered moral garbage in the Country? When will it start doing it? How will it do it? Who would do it? And could these do it?

Just asking.

31 MAY 2010