Monday, January 05, 2009

politics and politicians

As commonly known, politics is the art of governance or the science concerned with the form, organization and administration of government. The fact alone that it is an “art” or a “science” clearly says if not immediately implies that politics is definitely not for the pitiful known trio of “Tom, Dick and Harry.” These characters can each be capable of something but not necessarily politics.

Politics wherefore as a skill or ability, as a learning or knowledge, is a human venture that is objectively not only necessary but also practical in governing people towards peace and order. In other words, politics as such is essentially good and even imperative for human solidarity and social development.

The saying that man is a “political animal” more than anything else simply means that his innate social nature requires politics for his own welfare when already inter-relating with many others in a community.

Politicians however are something else, viz., they range from the usual good to bad politicians, from real to bogus public leaders, from being a true blessing to a big curse to society, from acting like honorable individuals to veritable clowns. This is precisely why politics is simply great or truly rotten, laudable or condemnable specifically because of politicians—not by reason of politics per se.

It is the politicians who protect or destroy human lives, respect or despise human rights. It is them who build or ruin a country, impart appreciation and gratitude or anger and hatred among the people. This is not the genuine working and objective of politics as such.

In a way, it can be said that politicians who engage in graft and corrupt practices, are nothing more than plain thieves and thugs. Politicians, who are immersed in greed for wealth and power, are but simply sick and sickening individuals. These characters are the very ones who play gutter politics, and who therefore in effect destroy the real nature and finality, the true significance and implications of politics are as “art,” as a “science.”

This is the deep and pervasive problem in this Country, viz., politicians who desecrate politics, who make politics their footstool and doormat.

This is precisely why when even some Clerics and Religious dare to speak about the long obtaining man-made woes and man-caused tribulations of millions of Filipinos, they are not meddling in politics but engaging politicians. They are definitely not playing politics but countering the unethical conduct and immoral actuation of politicians.

As politics is definitely neither their area of interest nor competence, vigilance about the value system and consequent behavioral pattern of politicians is categorically in their department as ordained by the divine, natural and positive laws.

Politicians better know and learn this reality and truth, which would only become
fantasy and falsity the moment politicians were already exempted from the Ten Commandments—especially in terms of killing, stealing, lying and infidelity.

+OVCruz, DD
January 5, 2009