Friday, January 26, 2007

glorious rhetorics and notorious realities

It has been no less than six long years with anticipation of three more years ahead if not more. Since then, the incumbent national leadership has been honing well its expertise in glorious rhetorics while at the same time ably ignoring the notorious realities in the land. It happily basks in sunny positivism while pitifully ignoring the down to earth truth of the gloomy present and bleak future in this once land of the morning.

It is enough to recall the memorable super vision of the administration. Originating from a super ego, it eventually went to super maids and culminated with super regions. On the other hand, there are millions of exploited women and children, millions of hungry and sick Filipinos. And there are millions of jobless individuals, not to mention the millions who leave the country in search of a chance of earning abroad, lonely and dangerous though this venture be.

There are the unending proud and loud claim of economic growth and development well in place. Yet, the poor become poorer and their living becomes harder. There are the repeated exclamations that the country is now even awash with too much surplus cash. But where is the money? How come people continue to have empty pockets? There is no question though who are those wallowing in abundance, luxury and vanity. These are the few blessed ones in tenure of power, in command of the wealth of the country.

There can only be one understandable and acceptable explanation to such gross and striking discrepancy between fact and fiction. The administration is looking at the nation and its people through a glass colored to its liking. This phenomenon is beyond redemption and cure. With this systematic falsity, even rotting garbage is seen as healthy pink.

In addition to its integrity problem, it has also become a moral impossibility for the administration to claim credibility. It can happily continue indulging in imaginations and in claiming visions. Meantime, the country becomes more much divided and deeply wounded with socio-political discontent and upheavals.

It is not enough that nature has begun hitting back at people after its continuing maltreatment through the irresponsible exploitation of its wealth. There is still an administration that is so mindful of its interests and concerns. The people will have to care for themselves—as the administration is primarily looking after itself.

26 January 2007