Wednesday, June 28, 2006

sex education

The present administration appears to have a twisted sense of priorities. This is particularly true in the field of education. Contrary to the enchanted view of the national leadership, the educational condition in the country is appalling.

There is a dire lack of classrooms. The consequences of this big liability alone are disturbing. Libraries and laboratories, bodegas and even comfort rooms are converted into classrooms. Still, such pitiful conversions are not enough to accommodate students and make them learn. The result is disturbing: functional illiteracy of students by the millions.

There is also the lack of teachers with their lack of incentives and lack of updating. There is also the lack of books, the lack of school equipments, the lack of teaching materials. The over-all result of this pitiful situation is predictable: a fast deteriorating education in the Philippines as already noted by foreign agencies.

But lo and behold the response of the government to all the above negative educational factors in the country: sex education for the school children! One wonders where the administration gets its distorted ideas. The problem: the school children are not learning. The solution: give them sex education!

There is a whale of a difference between pure and bare sex and properly human sexuality. Sex per se does not even need to be taught. Even animals know the “what” and the “how” of sex. Human sexuality however is definitely much more than a matter of sex organs and functions, sex engagements and its results. The humanity of sex already enters the sphere of values and morals which are beyond sex drawings and physical demonstrations no matter how detailed and concrete these be.

Sex education especially with its human dimension and moral consideration are better left to the parents of the students—the father and the mother themselves giving formational sex education to their boy and girl children respectively. It is incongruous to expect a lady teacher to handle sex education for boy and girl students in the same classroom at the same time. This is especially true for gentlemen teachers.

If the government really wants sex education for the school children, it should give its modules instead to their parents, and let them do the task which is proper of them. After all they should be the first and best teachers of their own children in such fundamental matter as human sexuality.

28 June 2006