Wednesday, December 15, 2004

interview about "kasambayanan"

(A Transcription from Tape)

Reporter: What can you say about the “Kasambayanan” advertisement in the national dailies?

OVC: Many questions came to my mind. Who are they really? What is their true agenda? Why are they so fundamentalist in stance and so righteous in tone? Where do they get so much money to pay for the continuous full-page ad?

Reporter: What can you say about their assaults against the people of Makati, the said elite in the country?

OVC: Makati is the business center of the country. The people there are the first ones to know how bad our economy has become. Incidentally, the “Kasambayanan” seems to have totally forgotten that there are also a good number of poor people rallying against the President.

Reporter: What can you say about their assaults directed against the Church?

OVC: The group must be living in the past. They appear to be altogether ignorant of the genuine meaning of the separation between the church and the state.

Reporter: What do you mean?

OVC: When a country official is grossly immoral, is that the exclusive concern of the state? When a government official multiplies his families without being a Muslim, is that purely a State matter? When one holding the highest public trust cannot be anymore trusted, is that the exclusive concern of the State which he precisely represents? The church is mandated and competent to pronounce on moral issues. And the President has entered into the moral sphere by his lifestyle and pursuant agenda in maintaining this to the full.

Reporter: But there are worst people than the President.

OVC: Yes, but they are not the President. I hope that the “Kasambayanan” would and could be more objective.

21 December 2000