Friday, October 27, 2017


With the advent of hatred and disgust among individuals, among groupings thereof and among nations even, with the reality of terrorism and criminality, with the phenomenon of killings and murders as a matter of course, it might not be altogether strange and futile to think and ponder about love – more specifically about Progressive Love between a man and a woman during these days of rancor and hatred.  Much less is it vain to think and talk about love that can progressively bring two individuals at least, to become a community and to be thus ultimately in loving communion one with the other.

So it is that after a man and a woman met by chance or on purpose, after some time of knowing one another, after enjoying the presence of each other and in effect feeling at ease and savouring joy in the company of one another  such is the usual preamble that usually brings about the following Progressive Love between them in terms of the following standard chapters:

1st. Friendly love:  There is the feeling of comfort and joy, the experience of ease and delight plus the anticipation of more relational  interactions precisely for the experience of even more ease, more leisure and pleasure to the delight of the parties concerned.

2ndConsuming love:  Then comes to fore a more insistent and consistent search for and joy in one another’s companionship such that bilateral loving attention  and concentration cancel arguments and contradictions, overlook persistent admonitions to the contrary.

3rdSpousal love:  So it is that time seems to pass in a hurry such that yesterday is irrelevant, the present is what counts, considering that the future is infallibly bright, all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.  In a word, optimism is rule of the time.

4thConjugal love.  This is the eventual conclusion of the above-cited love in its progressive mode.  It is not really one plus one equals two.  Rather, it is one man plus one woman equals one integral human reality that makes the joys and pains, the laughter and tears of one as those also of the other.

5thParental love.  The progressive love as above expressed finds ultimate conclusions in its generative phenomenon when one is more than just one plus one but also plus others precisely coming from the said oneness.  So it is that the man and the woman become  a bigger one.

It is in distinct love songs that the delightful nature, noble finality and startling attributions of love are expressed and affirmed in the most revealing language and in the most fervent way – just as proclaimed   by the well-known song “I’ll Be Loving You Eternally” which in down-to-earth reality means the continuous and consistent singer’s love for the other – as they become two-in-one and one in  more that is equals unity, union, communion.

Such is love – not hatred, neither criminality or downright killing as anytime, anyhow, anywhere taking place during these times and age.