Monday, October 16, 2017


This seems to be the common thinking and consequent feeling of a good number of people and their Countries the world over:  Peace is unexciting, tiring and boring even.  When there is but simply unity and concord, when harmony and silence are but the signs of the times – these are also found in cemeteries all over the globe.  So it is that peace is boring.  And this appears to be perception, the impression and feeling of people at these times and age.  Again:  These are the days when people appear to be uncomfortable and disoriented even when peace reigns among them or among Nations.

So it is that wars are very exciting. Terrorism is very stimulating. Conflicts or dissensions are very interesting.  Killings are trilling.  Justice is passé. Truth, ethics and morals – never mind.  So it is that “Rest in peace” is but for the dead.  And so it is that nuclear missiles are better made, more perfected and wherefore more deadly and devastating they become.  The same is true with submarines, warships and warplanes.  The same too is the rule with tanks and cannons, guns and bullets which are continuously manufactured, fervently sold and/or donated among Countries though but with the existential friendship, with but pneumatic accord.

So it is that hideous massacres take place here and there, every now and then – openly or surreptitiously.  Indiscriminate killings take place anytime, anywhere, as a matter of course in many Countries.  Thus it is said that those earnestly advocating population control through all possible ways and means, are not exactly tearful because of the continuous loss of lives which is synonymous to less people in number through less multiplication of human lives – less food, shelter and clothing needed, but at the same time more economic underdevelopment assured and secured.  Thus a good number of anti-population people think and feel.  Let there be more killings so that more socio-economic development comes to fore.

And here at home – without the least intent of offending anybody in anyway – there is even a Martial Law declared somewhere with the advent and activism of local and imported terrorists with the avowed task of wasting the lives of others and thus causing havoc and fear.  More.  There are killings day and night in the streets, in houses here and there on account of a “war” declared against something and some individuals therein involved.  The truth is that it is no longer odious nor surprising when dead bodies with heads wrapped with duct tapes, placed in plastic bags, thrown and found in the streets, in dump sites, i.e., anywhere, anyhow.  There are also more mortal treatment of young individuals, the violation of children included – girls in particular.  So it is that even fraternity and fratricide appears to go hand in hand during these days.

Hence:  Let there be peace – for the good of man, for the welfare of society, for the humanization of the world.  Wars and violence, murders and killings, criminality and lawlessness – these are not for the wise, the civilized, the sane.  So it is that peace is exciting for man to be human, for society to be civilized, for the world to be progressive.