Monday, October 02, 2017


By way of a short reflection about such a complex reality called and known as “Love”, below are some of the equivalents and implications, effects and implications of the said precious and fervent features of human loving existence – according to the well-known R.R. Webster’s College Thesaurus, 1989, p. 421:

Admiration. Affection.  Affectionate regard.  Affinity.  Amity.  Ardor.  Amorousness.  Attachment.  Attraction.  Benevolence.  Charity.  Choice.  Compatibility.  Concord.  Cordiality.  Devotion.  Emotion.  Fondness.  Fellow-feeling.  Friendship.  Infatuation.  Goodwill.  Inclination.  Learning.  Partiality.  Passion.  Passionate affection.  Predilection.  Proclivity.  Rapture.  Relishing.  Sentiment.  Solicitude.  Strong liking.  Tenderness.  tenderness.  Warm feeling.  Warm personal attachment.

It is not really difficult then to make the following more relevant composite conclusion:  a.  Love is a more compound complex humane experience than commonly understood/  b.  Love can be likewise very elusive than usually felt and explained.  c.  Love and hate constitute the most distinct and forceful contradiction in human feelings and consequent agenda such that the moment they go together, then one or both of them are not really love nor hatred – considering that the reality of love automatically dispels hatred and vice versa.

“Love is a many-splendored thing.”  So love is said to be.  So the song says.  So the reality stands.  it is taken for granted.  It is often professed.  it is commonly observed.  In so many ways, it is expressed.  Through different means it is manifested.  By and large, it is associated with romance.  Hence, as felt and accordingly said, it is noted that love makes the world go round.

There is a whale of a difference between genuine love and bogus love.  The difference is by way of a full contrast – like white and black.  Genuine love is benevolent and wherefore selfless.  Bogus love is egoistic and therefore selfish.  True love is for the good of others.  Bogus love is in pursuit of one’s good.  True love builds while bogus love destroys.

Altruism or egoism – this is the basic test in separating true love from bogus love.  The former is honest while the latter is deceptive.  The former is virtuous but the latter is vicious.  The former is constructive yet the latter is destructive.  The former is generous while the latter is covetous.  The former is self-giving but the latter is self-seeking.

“To love is to will the good of another.”  Such is the nature and finality of love as it should be.  This is when love is identified with good will – with benevolence.  This is what exposes “love” as a mere pretense.  This is what separates love as beneficence from love that is malevolence.  And this is when love is identified with charity, with compassion, with commiseration.  Question:  Does he/she seek doing good to another or to but himself/herself?  Does he/she pursue the welfare of someone else or but his/her own?  Does he/she want to extend care and service  to another or simply wants his/her own advantage and benefit?  The answers hereto say when love is a living reality or a gross falsity.