Friday, October 06, 2017


Stages of Human Life:

By force of reason and in the light of faith, life has no less than ten key major stages as follows:

a.  Conception
b.  Gestation
c.  Birth
d.  Lactation
e.  Infancy
f.  Childhood
g.  Youth
h.  Adulthood
i.  Death
j.  Resurrection

Friends of life:
It can be said that in the light of ethics and science, life has five important “friends” in terms of the following:
a.  Self-control
b.  Prudence
c.  Temperance
d.  Physicians
e.  Medicines

Enemies of life:
As a matter of fact, the “enemies” of life are basically ten in number in terms of their being direct and indirect causes  of death:

Direct Enemies:                                                                Indirect “Enemies”
a.  War                                                                            a.  Reckless Living
b.  Murder                                                                        b.  Hunger Strike
c.  Suicide                                                                        c.  Self-Mutilation
d.  Abortion                                                                      d.  Gluttony
e.  Euthanasia                                                                  e.  Drug/Alcohol/Smoke Abuse

Sharing of life:
There are some five realities that advance the noble phenomenon of life-sharing through natural and altruistic means:

a.  Conjoined Twins
b.  Blood Transfusion
c.  Organ donation
d.  Charity
e.  Adoption

It is neither profound  nor difficult to know, to understand and appreciate what is human life, how it is lived, why have it protected as a Basic Human Right.  Reason:  Its denial makes all other complementary Human Rights nothing really more than big jokes, consummate hallucinations.