Wednesday, October 18, 2017


These are interesting times accompanied by interesting questions that may bring to fore quite interesting answers.  In other words, there seems to be some down-to-earth queries long since existent in the minds and hearts of people that likewise seem to have remained unanswered one way or another, to this date and time.  In the same way, there seem to be certain presumptions or assumptions among people that are false in substance and implications for so many times in so many ways.  For example:

Why is it that the majority is not always right in the same way that the minority is neither always wrong?  So it is that the majority does not always elect or put into  political power those who are expected to promote and protect their legitimate interests and rightful concerns.

Why is it that as a matter of course, the rich purposely become richer while the poor as expected become poorer?  Avarice and contentment in material possessions appear to be mutually exclusive.  So the conclusion is the rich become richer while the poor become poorer.

Why is it that not really a few law enforcers eventually become lawbreakers in the course of time?  The usual reasons for such living contradictions are character flaw, deficient value formation or a given personality disorder – if not plain avarice and/or carnal designs.

Why do some public officials become synonymous with agents of graft and corrupt practices?  In the last analysis, this sad and saddening phenomenon finds its premise, one way or another, in the maxim that absolute power corrupts  absolutely.  Such is the rule with but a small number of exceptions.

Why are there people – movements and syndicates -  who dedicate their lives to reaping the lives of others, in sowing fear and anguish as a matter of course?  Errant value system, uncultured culture, adverse personality constitution are the usual causal factor/factors of such errant disposition.

Why is it that most of the victims – runners, sellers, users – of prohibited drugs are counted among the poor?  Poverty is usually not the cause of virtue but the origin of vice.  What is worst to think about and saddening to consider is that the drug producers and providers are the wealthy individuals.

Why has human life become cheap?  Because there are individuals who do not value it and cannot value it either when they are already dead.  Because of no less than a special all-out “war” that has been declared against the handlers and users of prohibited drugs.

Conclusion:  Where are the People of the Philippines going?  Eventually towards the right way, the right time somehow.  There were worst times that came about.  There were worst events that took place.  There were even worst feelings felt and perceptions harboured.  But the Filipinos are still basically up and about.  There is something in the Filipinos that is sterling and noble.  And there is something in the Good Lord that makes Filipinos somehow special.