Monday, September 18, 2017

“YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.” (Old Testament: Exodus 20:14) “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.” (Matthew 5:27)

It cannot be more clear, more plain and explicit, more emphatic and decisive.  Adultery it is:  Be it plain adulterous promiscuity or carnality between someone married and another still single.  Be it downright marital violation or conjugal infidelity of both parties married to other individuals.  More.  Adultery is something considered taboo by the Holy Book in no less than both the “Old”  and the “New” testaments – a sacred, serious and binding capital Mandate that has relevance not only in the hereafter and beyond but also in the here and now.

In plain and simple language:  A man and a woman opted for marriage.  The thus husband and wife bound themselves to marital fidelity not merely a decade or so but for life as long as both shall live, i.e., for a lifetime.  Translation:  Marriage is life-long.  And so it is that marital fidelity is likewise for a lifetime on the part of both the de facto husband and the wife – as well as all other women and men in relation to the said already married man and woman.  Adultery is already taboo when one of the parties therein is marriage.  It becomes more heinous and detestable when both the man and the woman concerned are married to other.  This is the height of adultery.

The formal and expressed, clear and simple mandatory observance of conjugal fidelity is worth not only knowing but specially so in remembering and de facto observing:  First, it is plain, clear and straight to the point .  Second, it is rational as well as ethical.  Third,  it is nothing less than a Divine Mandate not simply given once but in fact even repeated before and after year zero.  So it is that more than two thousand years later, the Command still stands, still binds.

The mandatory observance of marital fidelity – expressed affirmation and formal acclamation of conjugal loyalty – is but a principle of right reason and a posit of sound ethics.  So it is that the following should not get married at all, considering the inherent nature and implications, rights and obligations of marriage:  a.  Those who precisely do not want to get married nor believe in the basic nature and inherent attributions of marriage.  b.  Those who are not meant for marriage because of mental aberration and/or affective maladjustment productive  of psychological incapacity for marriage intents and purposes.  c.  Those  who subscribe to an irregular or erratic understanding of marriage such as individuals who believe  or subscribe to the so-called “Dissolution” of marriage which is but downright divorce, the observance of “Renewable Marriage Vows” which is a big joke, the emerging phenomenon of “Group Marriage” with its main feature of voluntary exchange of partners, and the like.  This is not to mention the flagrant contradiction of the so-called “Same Sex Marriage”.

What is not only offensive but also downright insulting is when those who subscribe  to, propose or even live such errant thoughts and behavior about marriage are supposedly “high” public officials in government.