Friday, September 22, 2017


While optimism is a big blessing for people to have, to feel and to act accordingly, such a blissful perception appear to be not simply a big falsity to accept but also a profound delusion to have during these sad and saddening times.  When world civilization was coarse and crude, when nations were in isolation and ignorance, when people were then uncultured and uneducated, they were however not downright murderers, consummate thieves, much less looked at the killings of their fellow human beings as something rational  and normal.  Yes, the people of those pristine times were neither saints nor angels.  But neither were they downright inhuman in thinking and behaving as if other sectors of the human community were in fact less human and thus deserving of inhuman treatment.

How times have changed – for the worst!   How people look down and trample upon the dignity and rights of others who do not belong to their thinking, who do not subscribe to their principles, who neither accept their beliefs much less submit to their value system.  Their ultimate conclusion:  Away with those  who dare disagree with their – national, regional, international – convictions and consequent agenda.  Get rid of those who dare contradict their political, national value system, their regional policies, their international designs.

Racial discrimination  and bitter anger plus the deep seated unrest it brings, deadly terrorist attacks perpetrated even in presumably orderly, wealthy and peaceful Countries, consummated hatred of one Nation towards others plus available nuclear bombs, nuclear submarines and planes – these are some of the more signal realities in but some national territories, in certain regional areas and even international scene.  Really, something is wrong, very wrong – the ultimate victims of which are the people, irrespective  of their race, color and creed.  There then emerged the thinking and acting process that “If you are not with me, you are against me.”

In the national level:  If you are not with us, you are against us – irrespective of what the problem, the issue, the point of contention.  What we think, what we want and how we want it – never mind.  If you do not like the killings here and there, night and day – that is your problem.  So it is that human rights are realities only for the rich, for the powerful.

In the regional scene:  Power is right.  Ours is the might and wherefore we claim what we want – on land, in the waters and in the skies.  The weak and helpless – get out of our way.  Ours is the sea and all that is therein, all that swims and grows therein.  We say what we want, we get what we like.  Stay out of our way – or you suffer the consequences.

In the international horizon:  Ours is no less than nuclear power.  We have  missiles to prove it.  We have nuclear submarines.  In fact, we also fund terrorism that hates and kills people who go against us.  So it is that we train and fund suicide bombers.  The more people they frighten, they slaughter, the better.

So it is that something is wrong – very wrong.