Wednesday, September 20, 2017


“Work is a fundamental  right of man, a good for mankind and worthy of man because it is an appropriate way for him to give expression to and enhance his human dignity... By its nature, work is something necessary.  Work is needed to form and maintain a family, to have a right to property, to contribute to the common good of the human community.”  (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Lib. Ed. Vat. 2004)

Expressed in simple words and forwarded in plain thoughts, the Right to Life – which is fundamental to man – is more realistically concretized by his Right to Work.  And work does not only assure his food, shelter and clothing but also enhances his dignity as a human person.  Let it be well-noted that his own ingenuity and industry can make him find work here and there, of one kind or another.  This personal ingenuity of man however does not absolve the State from seeing to it that work is available for its citizens – preferably local than foreign in location.  It is worth noting that the more number of its citizens work – and the better paying their work is – the more taxes their government collect and the more public service it may give to the Country as a whole.

Certain observations are worth noting and remembering:

1.  As workers enhance their human dignity and consequent self-respect, someone workless is less respectable.  So is it too that somebody who does not want to work makes himself irresponsible if not downright despicable.  Wherefore, being workless or refusing to work undermines human dignity.

2.  Man is equipped to work with the possession of the mind to know, the will to make an option plus physical strength to work with.  People differ in their work, depending on their learning and skills.  But whatever kind of work – be it intellectual  and/or – is a tribute to the worker.

3.  Labor benefits not only the worker and his dependents but also capital itself.  The more money is earned and spent by workers, the more earnings capital makes – specially in the world of consumer goods.  Labor without capital and capital without labor are both losers.

4.  Capital comes in different forms such as cash assets, material goods, natural resources.  In the same way, labor is done in various ways such as manual, technical or managerial.  What is really important is that there is understanding and harmony between labor and capital for their mutual good.

5.  There are simple people but with profound thoughts about capital and labor.  They say that labor and capital should be well-united – or both become losers.  A worm lives when it is one whole.  Divide it and both parts thereof does.  Hence, separate capital and labor, and both become less in significance and value, more in debt and liability.

Philippines labor and capital, stay together – please!