Monday, September 25, 2017


There is nothing new about the disgusting contradiction about what is hard-hitting  reality and what is but downright fallacy.  So it is that while reality is in the realm of truth, fantasy is in the sphere of Cloud 9.  To be more concrete and emphatic about this saddening and even disgusting phenomenon, it will be truly interesting to name powerful individuals who with their respective families are  poor vis-a-vis helpless people who are wealthy. No, it is not bad for certain individuals to have wealth if this comes from honest sweat and much toil.  And it is neither surprising for certain people to wallow in poverty and need, when they abhor sweat and toil, when they wallow in vice and indolence, when they merely wait for hand-outs, for dole-outs.

So it is that certain plain and simple questions come to order:  Are there politicians who are really poor  or destitute? Are there actually politicians who are suffering from poverty or want when they in fact wield authority and power?  So it is that the honest-to-goodness question silently asked among themselves with calm and candor remains the same – long time since:  “What are we in power for?”  For more clarity premised on the big distinction between what is but ideal and what is downright factual, it might be good to take note of the following citations – with the first being but simply an impressive fantasy while the second is a living reality.

Thus distinctly, admirably and impressively provides nothing less than the Fundamental Law of the Land:  “Public office is a public trust.  Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with outmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.” (Article XI, Section 1)

The actual truth and living reality however blatantly declare and duly affirm the following:  “Public Office  is a public distrust.  Public officers and employees must not be accountable to the people at all times, serve them with outmost irresponsibility, deceit, disloyalty, and inefficiency, act with betrayal and injustice, and lead luxurious lives.”  (Living Translation)

All the above – the fantasy (Constitution) and the reality (Translation) – may have exceptions although these are rather very few as well as very far between.  Finding a needle in a haystack – this is the picture of looking for powerful yet poor politicians from the local to the national levels.  But practically countless are those living in a squatter’s area, wearing overused clothing, striving to ride in anything on the way to work, if any.  So it is that to find and/or to know a destitute politician is an extra-big challenge along the spirit and lyrics of the “Impossible Dream”.

So it is said that the search for poor politicians is worth doing, writing about and even making a movie thereof when found.  This is not in any way meant to offend much less to insult but simply to know, to admire and trust a poor elected public official – considering that much capital is necessary to get elected.  So it is that much more money is likewise demanded by the latter after winning an election.  Elementary!