Wednesday, September 13, 2017


There is Good News when there is something  inspiring, fortunate, endearing.  There is Bad News when it brings to fore a painful event, a tearful happening, a shocking phenomenon.  There is even wrong or false news that forwards a mistaken information or report.  But specially during these times of quasi unlimited presence and use of communications media, something new – intentionally false, deliberately devious  - came to fore primarily in view of political advantage through the deliberate publication of what is false, unjust or deceptive.

For a start, “Fake News” – in plain and simple language with its likewise plain and simple understanding – means false information, misleading report, deceptive statement and the like.  The core content and intent  of “Fake News” is to mislead, to deceive, to delude those who read, hear or come to know it.  So it is that “Fake News” is much more in content, finality and intent that what is simply wrong or a mistake.  It is intentionally and primarily meant to deceive, to raise doubts, to cause trouble.  “Fake News” is very much more in nature and objective, in design and rationale than wrong reportage.  The naked finality and deliberate design of fakery of news is to cause predicaments, to disseminate bogus impressions against its targets – such as personalities, establishments and/or institutions.

“Fake News” in elementary and simple language is basically meant to subtly but deliberately undermine prominent entities or organizations, to cleverly destroy upright public officials or personalities, to smartly bring dead issues to fore, to ruin emerging prominent individuals or alliances.  Yes.  “Fake News” can be readily considered as the print and/or broadcast product not only of devious characters but also of sick minds and/or devilish individuals – usually for a fee, for a reward or from exoneration from public  condemnation or criminal liability even.  Yes.  “Fake News” is the arch-enemy of truth, justice and peace.  And yes, “Fake News” is definitely  the devil’s work – as the latter is  the king of lies and deceptions, the patron of murderers, crooks, thieves and all other anti-social individuals and  entities.

So it is that this and that mass and massive media enterprises are fast becoming masters in the dissemination of “Fake News” masked in genuineness and concern even when they are in fact fast becoming effective and shameful instruments  for the propagation of what is lie or false, what is devious or unjust.  There appear to be at least two leading examples of “Fake News”, i.e., when something is too good to be true or so bad to be real.  They may differ in kind or degree – but false, deceitful, malicious they remain.  It is not easy to know where they come from, who their authors are.  But:  Beware!  They are fast becoming masters in deception, in falsity, in malice – with all such liabilities having their manifold social impact.

Beware then of news in print and/or broadcast with strange content, with incredible message – in addition to the fact they are least expected.  Well written or announced they are.  But just the same, “Fake News” they remain, viz., too good or too bad to be true.  This is the essence of fakery:  To make truth as something false.  To make lies as something true.