Friday, September 08, 2017


Lately, there came to fore the news: a:  That there are now rosaries seen here and there with some enigmatic imprints that are pro evil spirit or for the propagation of the influence of Satan among people, the Catholics in particular.  b.  That there are mysterious imprints in some parts of a rosary such as thorns, spikes or like other mysterious items, all supposedly symbolic of demonic influence.  c.   That nothing less than the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines itself officially gave the information about this devilish item and the consequent warning to all those concerned.

The above-said supposedly formal or even officially published notice can be readily considered as “Fake News” – even but considering  the following facts:  1st, that such items have been a long since obtaining phenomenon known and called amulets or “Anting-Anting” precisely meant to drive evil spirits away.  2nd, that many different such items have been long since existent, available and sold primarily  in a nearby province and a likewise nearby group of small religious stores.  3rd, that it is incongruous to say that Satanism would be disseminated and patronized through precisely a well-known and cherished religious item such as the Holy Rosary.

The question that readily comes to mind is how come such a wrong understanding could come from nothing less than a man of the cloth.  For one thing, it can be readily assumed that he had no bad intention, no devious purpose.  Precisely, he thinks he knows the truth and intends to simply warn people – specially those who are devotees of the Holy Rosary.  But then, he is quite young in age and still in easily excitable spirit.  Hence, upon seeing something unusual, he readily makes a conclusion about it.  He sees something, he thinks it is so and thus readily says so – with no malice intended, no falsity in mind but simply to give a warning he considers quite relevant and timely.

So it is that in this particular case, it is worth asking:  Would Satan precisely use a long since well-known and much-loved religious article precisely to propagate its devious intents and malicious purposes?  This does not make sense.  But yes, there are these and those evil individuals who readily use likewise evil articles to promote equally evil intents ad purposes.  This makes sense.  But using holy water or sacred objects to come about with satanic goals or diabolical plans – this is illogical to say the least.

Truth to tell, not only young but also the old can and do make false conclusions, wrong judgments, and pursuant false conclusions.  Unless one is infallible – which is definitely not a common attribute – wrong he or she can be every now and then without the intention to deceive, much less to hurt or harm someone.  This is the essence of an “Honest mistake.”

Question:  What does one do with such a suspect “Satanic Rosary”? It is not bad to get rid of one way or another – for one’s peace of mind.