Monday, August 28, 2017

“YOU SHALL NOT KILL” (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17; Mt. 19:18)

It is nothing less than a Commandment imposed by the Author of life itself.  Who is the Author of life really?  Who can really give a Commandment?  It is clear.  It is plain.  It is easy to understand.  Is there anyone at all in his right mind who is ignorant thereof, who has not heard of it, who does not get it?  So it is:  Woe to those who play deaf, dull and dumb about the sublime nature and intrinsic dignity of life.  Only psychopaths would not understand the Commandment.  Only sociopaths do not observe the Mandate.  And they are the malediction of society, the curse of humanity.  Yet, even them are subject-objects of the Commandment.  As all are forbidden to kill him, so it is too that he is mandated not to kill anyone.

And so it is that truth to tell, war is the most inhuman and mortal enemy of life – be it standard war we know or the nuclear war that has been long  since in the waiting  after Japan got a taste of it.  Needless to say, there are also other species of war such as terrorism, suicide bombing, deadly ideology and the like.  In substance, these anti-human ventures have but one mortal enemy:  Life.  The more people they kill, the better.  The more death they cause, the bigger becomes the rejoicing.  And this is not only sick but also sickening as it is blatantly contrary to reason and truth.

As only God is the Author of life, only He may take it away for a reason, for a cause.  Neither the father nor the mother together brings about the life of their own child.  The couple already have life in themselves.  When they  bring about the birth of their child, hereto they only but share the life they already have.  So it is that as killing someone is a mortal offense, killing – aborting their own child – is an extra-hideous crime.  And so it is that if killing someone is already heinous crime, no crime can be more abominable than  a father and/or a mother killing no one else than their very own child.

There is this rather well-known person –  famous or infamous – who came up with a then and now timely expression:  “Inhumanity of man to man”.  This is somebody killing someone.  This is someone killing people.  This is people killing people.  There is a whale of a difference between someone killing somebody for any given reason or cause and somebody killing someone in order to save his own life which is the essence of self-defense.  The former is downright killing while the latter is precisely saving one’s own life.  So it is that suicide is rightfully  considered a moral deviation.  Reason:  As no one gives life to himself, no one as well may take life that is not really his to dispose of – for whatever reason or cause of his own.

Hence – again and again:  Wage war on prohibited drugs, yes!  Wage war on people, no!  Do away with prohibited drugs, yes.  Do away with human lives, no!  Subject prohibited drug manufacturers, sellers, users to trial and put them in prison when found guilty, yes!  Kill them, no!

A government chosen by the people themselves is for the latter’s common good, public welfare, collective benefit.  When a government -  for whatever cause – considers killing people as something normal and customary, regular and habitual, something is wrong – very wrong indeed – with that government!