Wednesday, August 02, 2017


What he says, this he does.  The word that he uses, this he means.  It does not matter whether his listeners understand him or not, agrees with him or otherwise.  So it is neither important if people like him or not; if they agree or disagree with him;  if they admire him or otherwise.  He says what he wants, he speaks as he likes.  So it is that his talks, addresses or speeches of one kind or another on this and that occasion are relatively long.  And so it is that he personally says what he personally means and personally intends to do or not to do.  This is him – in terms of his real thoughts and intents, his real self, desires and designs.  People may agree or disagree with him, may hold him in high esteem or not, may rate him high or low.  But just the same, he says and does what he personally thinks is proper and right.

And so it is that speech writers he does not really need – strictly speaking.  Yes, there are times – few though – that he holds and looks at speeches written for him.  But just the same, what is more important and relevant is his own thoughts that he says, his own ideas that he expresses – irrespective of whether people agree or disagree with him.  So it is not really bad to have and to hold, to read and to file his written-down speeches.  But it is definitely better to listen to what he himself personally thinks and says in-between what his speech writers in fact commit to writing.

There are many questions asked about the last some 2-hour SONA – which was preceded by some  1 ½ hour SONA last year.  It was said that the last State of the Nation Address was written down on some ten to fifteen pages.  It is a given fact that the speech as a whole was rather long or quite detailed – but not really because of what was written down for him to read but actually on account of the rather many thoughts and comments he extemporaneously expressed in-between what was written for down for him.  And precisely, these thoughts and comments were what instanced the many  and loud applauses he received from his listeners from within and out of the halls of Congress.  The truth is that it would be not hard to make the estimate that millions  - not merely thousands – listened to the Address, not only here but also abroad.  Reason:  He means what he says and this he does.

Perhaps – just perhaps – it might be very much more important  and relevant to think and talk about what he personally said than what he simply read.  Yes, he read the speech which must have been very well-thought of, duly written down and accordingly read.  But what he himself personally wanted to say and did accordingly – these matter very much more than what he merely reads as written down in the long and presumably very well-thought of as well as very well-written SONA address.

When he speaks without reading any speech at any time and in any place under any circumstances – this is him, i.e., his real wants and designs, his real thoughts and plans.  Hence, attentively he should be listened to and seriously taken into account when he freely thinks and talks.