Wednesday, August 09, 2017


To bulldoze and bully, to coerce and frighten, to horrify, intimidate and menace, to threaten, browbeat and oppress – not to mention to belittle, to maim and eventually to kill people – these are but some inherent dehumanizing features of the intents and purposes of “Terrorism”.  This is why it is so hard to welcome, to clap, to celebrate terrorists.  To think and conclude that Terrorism is the way of the just and the upright, can be anything but the demonstration of sound reason, can be something but the expression of a humane value system.

In other words, terrorism may not be the sober and rational option of either socialized and/or civilized individuals.  And that is why given the vicious nature, the twisted intent and fatal consequences of terrorism, the Social Doctrine of the Church finds the “Condemnation of Terrorism” consonant with sound ethical and moral principles.  Thus stand the following three more explicit and categorical pronouncements of the said 2004 Social Doctrine.  They may be considered forceful but remains truthful:

1.  “Terrorism is one of the most brutal forms of violence that traumatizes the international community in these times.  It sows hatred and death urges, revenge and reprisal.”

Only terrorists themselves will dare deny the above said realities.  In fact, it is not that hard or difficult to conclude that there is something basically wrong with the thinking process if not the personality constitution itself of terrorists – together with those who admire and applaud them.

2.  “Terrorism is to be condemned in more absolute terms.  It shows complete contempt for human life and cannot be justified whereas the human person is always an end and never but a means.”

To promote, affirm or even sanctify terrorism is inanity if not downright insanity.  To sow fear, horror and dread, to celebrate fright, pains, and even deaths – this is certainly not the way of the sane nor the modus of the sober.  Terrorists can be considered as the victims of terrorism itself.

3.  “Acts of terrorism strike at the heart of human dignity and constitute an offence against all humanity.  No religion may tolerate terrorism, much less preach it.”

A dignified terrorist, a righteous promoter of terrorism, a sane subscriber to terrorist actions and reactions – such are all contradictions of terms, all irrationality incarnate.  More.  The so-called “Religious Terrorism” is a blatant disconnect from genuine faith and sound morals.

All the above-cited rather strong and severe social doctrinal pronouncements of the Church on the intrinsic evil and ingrained viciousness of terrorism, really need not much explanation or elaboration.  They are stern, yes.  They are severe, yes.  But true and realistic, they also are.