Friday, August 25, 2017


It is a downright motel alright – be it 1st, 2nd or 3rd class – that is squarely identified with illicit sex, if not downright gross business of the flesh.  It has its well-known official name, its own flashy official color, with its many official addresses here and there.  More.  It is well-advertised as to its day or night occupancy by the number of hours and the consequent pricing for the use.  More.  Its well-framed advertisement in different sizes are found in different places such as in small stores and houses – in addition to them being as a matter-of-course paraded here and there by different moving carriers – tricycles well-included.

But those who patronize and frequent the infamous places here and there are well-hidden by dark tinted private cars or slippery taxis.  And those who are simply walk-in patrons hide themselves one way or another – in addition to walking fast and straight forward, decidedly and silently.  This is not to say that there are no couples who nonchalantly enter therein as a matter of course – without shame nor remorse.  More.  It is not improbable much less impossible that the said patrons do not include the use of prohibited drugs with their carnal desire and design in patronizing the motel any day on the week, anytime of the day.

Certain questions come to order:

Does the law now allow if not in fact promote the motel business?  If no, how come this particular motel – as an example – operates freely here and there, advertises freely one way or another, freely receives patrons and nonchalantly give them accommodations – for the right fees?

Are the supposedly law enforcers blind, deaf and dumb about the sick and sickening significance and implications of downright motel operations – particularly those grouped together in one renowned district or another?  Are these sick/sickening entities now looked upon as but a matter of course?

It is a secret that the now obtaining shameless and hideous spread of the HIV curse is in effect promoted by patronizing motel institutions and accommodations – all proffered rubber purchase and use not withstanding?  And to think that the said curse is transferable from one individual to another!

The truth of the matter is that the motel industry in the Country – specially in Metro Manila – has been a long since standing business in the Country.  Never mind the gross immorality it promotes.  never mind the depreciation of the dignity of their men and women patrons.  never mind the deadly diseases it spreads.  And never mind the amorality it champions.

Do motels promote human dignity?  Do men and women become honourable by their patronage thereof?  Do motels enhance the integrity of those who build, manage and make their earning therefrom?  Are the lawmen who play blind, deaf and dumb about such dehumanizing operative entities, become trustworthy and admirable?  If such socio-moral aberration in terms of a down right motel industry is allowed to thrive by the supposedly lawmen, what other downright errant agenda do they then also protect and promote?