Monday, July 10, 2017


In the secular world, such is but an elementary lesson in life that should not  be forgotten at the instance of one’s bloated ego, unbridled pride, superiority complex – plus consequent blame- throwing, self-pity, and possibly even downright despair.  This basic down-to-earth truth among the living has particular reference to those who climb the ladder of success through honest or dubious means, who acquire fame  and/or  fortune through right or errant ways.  No one  - yes – none is exempted from the above-said reality, viz., whoever flies high above, sooner or later, eventually lands down below.  Such is but a hard-hitting ground reality in the here and now.

Others say it more bluntly:  No matter how rich and powerful, how exalted and celebrated someone is, he eventually finds himself six feet below the ground - - not unless but ashes he is reduced to – literally leaving everyone as well as everything behind.  Yes.  Newspapers and eventually historical publications may make mention of his name – his distinction and fortune, his superiority and fame.  But eventually gone he is, and gone he remains until altogether forgotten he becomes.  This is in no way intended to belittle anybody, much less meant to step down at anybody’s achievement.  It is simply meant to remind successful, fortunate, famous individuals to keep their feet on the ground, whereto they in fact eventually go under.

For the moment, this brings to mind the figure of a boxer who is world famous, who brought his name and his Country to the attention of the world, who even became a Senator on account of his fame and fortune.  But as the reality game comes to fore, his avid followers and admirers – himself apparently included – are recently brought back to ground reality.  Yes.  It is still possible for him to regain his title, to keep his fame, and increase his fortune.  But time infallibly comes  when he cannot but let go with all his hero-image plus big wealth.  And that time comes closer and closer every day of the week, every month of the year.

The hard-hitting fact that “What goes up, comes down” has extra-big relevance to certain individuals specially the powerful and renown reigning politicians plus the wealthy and influential businessmen.  A good  number of the former feel, think and talk as if they are forever high up there as invincible governing public officials.  Time however infallibly comes that they become no one – with no cheer leaders, no worshipers.  And while many of the latter feel and act like kings making their favorites wealthy and untouchable even, time likewise eventually comes – when not even but a centavo is left in their right as well as left hands – when they are placed under the ground though having a well-made and expensive tombstone.

No.  None of what is said above is in anyway meant to forward the false thesis that people should not do their best to do what they can, to have what they should.  In the same way, none of those thoughts expressed above is in any way intended to promote mediocrity, to deify indolence.  It is simply meant to recall and accept reality that one may be up and above others now.  But in due time, down and below they eventually go.  And this is not but an academic thesis but a down-to-earth reality.