Friday, July 07, 2017


Everything herein written down is nothing more than but personal thoughts that come about during private moments of reflection while actually writing about someone or something.  So is it that there is nothing here that is official in intent, much less dogmatic in content.  More.  Everything herein committed into writing is merely but some kind of a personal self-reminder for personal observance in favor of personal peace of mind and conscience specially during actual writing moments.  Among other binding thoughts and resolves, the undersigned personally (privately) considers the following self-regulatory mandate when engaged in media work – specially when writing:

1stTell the truth.
As it is the truth that sets man free to think, to speak and/or to write, lies, deceptions, fabrications, and the like have no place for media practitioners.  Sooner or later, liars are eventually the losers.

2ndBe responsible.
                To be responsible – answerable, accountable, liable – specially so for whatever is committed into writing – is but logical when someone conscious and sane engages in media work.   

3rdHave clean hands.
                To point an accusing finger at anyone while the pointer himself has in fact dirty hands such as in terms of immorality, dishonesty, mendacity, and the like, is hypocrisy incarnate particularly for media practitioners.

4thDo your best.
                Mediocrity in media work is being neither here nor there in the sense that it makes someone undependable if not downright untrustworthy.  So it is said:  If someone does not know what to say, then shut up and keep still.

5thBe dependable.
                When someone is dependable – not exactly infallible – this in effect means the same as trustworthy and wherefore in effect credible.  To be otherwise is not acceptable specially in media work.

6thMaintain your freedom.
                To engage  in media work in whatever time or form while being held hostage for whatever cause during whatever time, is neither rational nor acceptable.  Forced media activity is taboo.

7thKeep your word of honor.
                If keeping one’s honor, personal integrity, good name, and the like is an elementary mandate and observance for everyone, the same noble and reputable traits are in fact imperative for those in media work.

8thNever manufacture news.
                A media practitioner who simply invents events and fabricates news thereon is not simply the shame but the enemy of media as this is meant to be.  False news is much worse than no news at all.

9thDo not interpret.
                There is a whale of difference between facts and but their interpretations.  While the former are such on their own, the latter is but the personal perceptions of someone.  And media people are not interpreters.

10thDo not even but attempt to be infallible.

                One thing is to be certain about what one says or writes about as a media practitioner and when the same even claims infallibility for what he/she says or writes about.  To err is but human.