Monday, July 24, 2017


So sad yet so true:  the most precious attribute of every  human person has fast become the cheapest reality concretely by the loss of human lives day in and day out, at home and in the streets, in war and peace.  Killing people has become a matter of course from Monday to Sunday, in secret and in public, for this and that cause, one way or another.  Corpses are found in the streets, somehow covered or simply left exposed here and there for public viewing, placed in garbage bags or in rotting suitcases.  Those killed are children, young and old individuals alike.  With sarcasm but not altogether without truth, it is said that the huge number of day and night killings is a most effective way of Population Control in the Country.  So it is that the avid promoters of lessening the national population through whatever means, in whatever way must be rejoicing much although keeping quiet about their actually very successful option.

So many lives are lost for whatever  alleged cause, wasted under any supposedly crusade for public good, done in the sphere of this or that partisan persuasion – this appears to be the spirit of the times even without mention that people are killed on account of terrorism, the civilians and the soldiers alike, the elderly, the young and the children we---included.  This is to say nothing about the ardently and openly proposed law on Death Penalty – to get rid of criminals, to lessen the number of prisoners as well as to diminish the number of prison occupants.  No.  This is definitely not meant either to censure the death penalty promoters concerned, much less to defend those guilty of heinous crimes.  This is but to emphasize the reality that life has become cheap – as if there is nothing else after  death in the here and now.  Without life, what is there left?  What is there that really matters?

Worse.  Let it not be said that the young people of these deadly times are not affected or influenced in the way they think of and look at life.  Slowly but surely, they themselves acquire the feeling and thinking that life is not worth protecting, defending or saving.  They come to look at life simply as something that comes and goes.  It is not improbable that they come to think that the fact of life is merely destined to the reality of death.  And so it is that they themselves come to look down at life, to see murders are but as matter of course, to commit suicide as simply a question of free choice – when they unfortunately  come to experience painful circumstances, to face trying and difficult times.  Woe to those who come think and/or say as a matter of course that after all is said and done, the living are but destined to die.  Question:  How about the afterlife?  Answer:  That is but an old fable!

It might not be altogether out of context to make mention of a certain fundamental truth and basic reality – after all is said and done:  Only the Giver of life has the prerogative to take it back, to do away with it.  No public official no matter how powerful and influential, no politician no matter how admirable and popular, has given life to anyone, at any time, in any way.  Even parents do not give life to their children but merely give them birth. Much less does anybody give life to himself – no matter how and when.  Elementary conclusion:  No one of them but only the Giver if life has the right to take it away – for whatever reason, in any way, at any time.