Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A Prenuptial Agreement under any name or title is ultimately in preparation for conjugal separation and ultimately for the pursuit of Divorce.  So it is that  Legal Separation by any other name or title by and large remains the same.  And Divorce too under any name or nomenclature remains likewise the same in essence and consequences.  Clearly and briefly said:  A  man and a woman saw one another.  They eventually wanted each other.  They finally got married one way or another.  Sometime later, they fell out of love, i.e., carnal attraction is non-existent sometime later.  They ultimately divorced one another – usually in preparation for another marital union.

The man before or thereafter, saw, met and eventually wanted another woman and/or  the woman saw, met and ultimately wanted another man.  So they had their Divorce.  How many women a man can marry, how many men a woman can marry – this is an irrelevant question, an impractical inquiry in the realm of Sky is the limit perspective.  It is marriage and divorce as many as men and women like them.  It is thus in fact both marriages and Divorces Unlimited.  It is not really unlike the everyday phenomenon changing clothes when such are seen dirty and/or smelly, changing cars when these are old and cranky, leaving behind an old house for a new one.

When a husband is tired of seeing and relating with his aging, talkative and fattened wife, when a wife is disgusted with seeing and relating with her balding, shaking and toothless husband, or when for whatever reason the husband wants to change his wife and/or the wife wants to change her husband – and there is waiting a beautiful woman for the husband and/or a handsome man for the wife, the easiest, fastest, effective option is Divorce.  So it is that in this world and in these times, there is now the more liberating civil provision of an honest to goodness “No Fault Divorce” – not to mention the civil acknowledgment of “Renewable Marriage Vows”, i.e., the Parties themselves decide the span of time that their marriage will last.  If the stipulated time comes and then want it to continue being married, they simply repeat the Vows.  If they want it to end, they simply do nothing at all.

Those who favour the passage of a Divorce Law or something the like, better take the following realities into honest to goodness consideration.  First, it is possible that their personality constitution – mental framework and/or emotional make-up – is/are not meant for honest to goodness marriage.  Second, it is the children of divorced spouses who suffer the most in their inner selves as well as before their peers.  Third, it is good for them to remember and remember well the admonition from no one else than Divinity giving the Commandments not only “Do not commit adultery,” but also “Do not covet the spouse of another.”

All in all said, those who do not believe that valid marriage has the sublime attributions of unity and indissolubility, get married they should not.  Subscription to Divorce fundamentally means they do not care about their human dignity, they neither care about their children nor do they care about what Divinity  commands.  Oh yes, care they do – about themselves!  Such individuals might be meant for other things. But marriage, no!