Friday, July 14, 2017


Death is a Teacher.

For fear of death, man takes care of his health, avoids deadly foods, drives carefully, automatically says “My God!” in the event of danger – and other quasi-instinctive contra death  actions and behaviour.  The ever standing reality of death teaches man to care for, nurture, and protect his life.

In fact,  the said human affirmations of life is true – irrespective of whether someone believes or not in the “other life”.  Even unbelievers want to live – not die.  That is why there is something fundamentally wrong when someone not only  wishes for, but even wants or pursues his own death.

Death is a teacher.  It tells the living that they too shall eventually die.  It is an admonition that in the last analysis, life on earth is limited, not only in scope,  but also in extent.  It proves that the temporary nature of life does not give in to but human plans and designs, to merely power and wealth.

Death is an Advisory.

An advisory ultimately means an admonition, a warning, a counselling.  Considering how precious life is, it is an understatement to say that death is an advisory for the living to care for their respective lives.  It is those who pay no attention to the truth of life who lose it in undue time and place.

The possibility of death is enough contemplative force for man to safeguard  and preserve his life.  The same thought moves man to look after and enhance his health – the counter force to sickness.  But just the same, the eventuality of death is both  a real and practical reason for man to remain healthy.

It is not only disturbing, but also fearsome to watch the carrying out of a “Death Sentence”.  But it is definitely much more distressing and frightening for the one who knows that he will be executed.  The waiting itself for death is already a very big punishment.  What joy a “Reprieve” brings!

Death is a Reality.

It is not only foolishness, but also escapism for any mortal to even but think that death is escapable always – that it be forever postponed.  The image of the “Grim Reaper” comes to mind.  It gathers life ultimately, one way or another.  It waits, yes.  But it eventually succeeds in bringing  death about.

Death is not something to be expected, much less welcomed.  But it definitely comes.  When, where and how – that is the question.  But death is definitely an on-the-ground reality.  Not that it should be welcomed and/or celebrated.  But come it does, sooner or later.  Being prepared for it is wisdom.

There is the saying that “Death comes when you least expect it”.  Hence there are those who say as some kind of a big joke.  “Expect death always so that it would not ever come.”  This only means that death is a reality.  There is even the sad but realistic joke, “One begins to die, the moment he is born.”