Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Lest it is left unsaid, not affirmed and possibly even unknown, the Right to Work is not only predicated on men but on women as well – without in any way intending to say that men have less  right or less obligation to work.  So it is that the truth in the world of realities is that men have the bigger right as well as obligation to work – is gifted by nature with certain qualities suited for certain work loads.  Even but the very term “maids” – nurses, secretaries and the like – have immediate implication of womanhood.

So it is that the Social Doctrine of the Church itself takes formal note and official stance specifically on the right  of women to work – stating the following truths  and thoughts on the matter:

“The feminine genius is needed in all expressions in the life of society.  Therefore, the presence of women in the work place, must also be guaranteed… The recognition and defense of women’s rights in the context of work generally depend on the organization of work, which must take into account the dignity and vocation of women.”


1.  It is not only man who has the right to work but woman as well – subject only to one over-all condition:  The work is in accord with her psychological as well as physiological constitution.  Otherwise, her person might be undermined in its dignity while her work could also become less valuable.  So goes the saying:  The worker fits the work and the work fits the worker.

2.  The above observation is general in meaning, ordinary in scope.  Reason:  There are certain women – given their particular constitution and given capability – who can do not only man’s work but even do this better.  The best proof of this exception is based on empirical data in the sphere of work:  There are women who can do men’s work better – except mascular labor.

3.  The empirical truth of the matter is that women may not be neither rightfully nor justly altogether excluded in the life of society whose reality necessarily includes the active participation of women.  So it is that women retain their rights not only in the economic but also in the political life of society – the Right to Work well-included.

4.  Work is considered organized when it is assigned and done according to whether it better fits men or women according to the nature of the work.  The right work for the right person equals the better for the person concerned – considering their respective human constitution.  More.  The right person doing the right work favors both the worker and the work.

5.  The over-all principle is that man and woman complement one another – in conjunction with their respective personal attributions and pursuant capacities.  This is precisely why it is not only advantageous for a child to be raised by both the latter’s father and mother – with the child thus formed  in the realm of complementary attributions.