Friday, June 09, 2017


It is certainly not a secret that the government law enforcement agencies have in fact seen and seized, duly recorded and kept safe a formidable amount of prohibited drugs from all over the Country, viz., from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.  In general, said illegal drugs are either locally manufactured or imported from mostly nearby Countries.  They were duly marked, shown and seen in small sachets weighed in grams or in plastic bags weighed in kilograms.  They were previously owned by the producers, the sellers and users.  Upon confiscation, they were duly marked, identified and supposedly left to the safe-keeping of the government agencies concerned.  They were also seen contained in quite big bags – likewise accordingly confiscated, marked and shown in different public displays as usually owned by big local or foreign capitalists.

How much dangerous drugs were seized specially since the incumbency of the present administration?  What is their total worth as of this writing?  Where are they placed for safe-keeping and who are in-charge of seeing to it  that not a single sachet of which is missing?  Questions, questions and more questions.  Perhaps – just perhaps – it is about time for the general public to know certain particulars thereof, specially as to their total quantity as well as their total worth.  More importantly, it is about time as well that the particulars – kind and quality, the quantity and cost and other pertinent particulars of all the deadly drugs seized so far – are made known to the general public.

But in addition to the above proffered agenda, perhaps –just perhaps – the time has in fact come for the government to show the general public in a given date, time and place, the honest-to-goodness utter destruction of all the said illegal drugs so far seized before, without forgetting the fact that their seizure continues day and night, 24/7.  It might be also for the good name of the public authorities concerned and the rightful appreciation of the general public, if the following were observed precisely on the occasion of the said drug disposal:  First, have  a general account of the illegal drugs seized such as in conjunction with its kind, total quantity and worth.  Second, have certain knowledgeable or expert private individuals to certify that the dangerous drugs about to be done away, are genuine in nature, right in a quantity plus their estimate worth.  Third, accommodate all the people desirous of personally witnessing the drug destruction on the previously predetermined date, time and place.

If exactly the opposite of the above reasonable agenda were left undone by the incumbent public officials concerned, the general public in turn might entertain any or all of the following unhealthy socio-political impressions:  One, there is in fact no dangerous drugs seized or confiscated in the alleged quantity and worth.  Two, there are some prohibited drugs confiscated but they are neither that much in quantity and/or worth.  Three, the deadly drugs seized are but simply recycled such as in terms of their resale specially to drug lords who in turn have it resold to other drug figures in the Country.