Wednesday, June 07, 2017


This is not in any way intended to depreciate Philippine politics, much less to look down at any of the incumbent Filipino politicians.  Very much less is this in pursuit of heavenly  politics in the Country, in search for impeccable Filipino politicians.  But definitely neither is this but a dream, a heavenly quest – considering that while much more is desired in the way politics is usually practiced in the Country, much more as well is sought from how politicians act and react for the common good and public welfare  of their constituencies from the local, regional up to the national levels.  Let it be categorically and emphatically said that nothing written below by way of plain advisories or simple Desiderata has no reference to any politician in office and much less are they designed to insult  or belittle any aspiring  politician when elections come to order.  Below listed are some of the desired realities more concretely on the part of aspirants for elective political offices:

The professional attestation that those concerned  are free of any Personality Disorder of any kind that is a hindrance from normal thinking process and ordinary behavioural pattern.  Such a normal personality constitution can be readily verified by any competent and trustworthy Psychiatrist or Psychologist.  Furthermore, there is the necessity of a professional pronouncement that the individual concerned is free from Ingrained Incompetence from the political office the same is aspiring for.  In addition to all of the above, the same individual should not be identified with any Constitutional Immorality which is not really hard to know.

In deference to the social good of their foreseen constituency, candidates for political offices should be reasonably foreseen as individuals who care but for their Personal Welfare.  And so it is that neither should they be identified with preoccupation as simply in pursuit of their Private Benefit nor but with consuming preoccupation with their Family Good.  Men and women for others not for their own interests – this must be a basic qualifying characteristic of all those aiming for any given elective public Office.

Lastly but definitely not unimportant, potential politicians should not be identified with the infamous trio of Guns, Goons and Gold specially on the occasion of any given election period  -- three realities that have their really big influence on their patrons upon their election-in-fact.  Said three factors cannot but have their big influence and persuasion once their clients win the election for chosen political office.  In addition  thereto, woe to the electorate when elections become but a Popularity Contest – not personal ability, responsibility, and integrity.  Add hereto:  No Dynastic Affiliations, please!  There is enough of such in the Philippine political arena.

By way of conclusion, it might be in  good order to look into nothing less than given constitutional provisions that those aspiring for the Senatorial Office as well as nothing less than the  Presidential Office should be “able to read and write”  (Art. V, Sec. 3, Art. VII Sec. 2) To secure their licenses, drivers are required to know more than that, viz., how to read and write!