Friday, May 12, 2017


Thus formally and categorically provides the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines as something no less than a State Policy:”The State shall pursue an independent foreign policy. In its relation with other States, the paramount consideration shall be national sovereignty, territorial integrity and the right to self- determination.” (Section 7).  Independent Foreign Policy.  National Sovereignty. Territorial Integrity. Right to Self-Determination.  Needless to say, these four sterling options and resolves are not only admirable but also righteous.  They are not but merely dreamy desires but also well-determined ideals and consequent pursuits.  Reason:  All the said national attributions are but consequential of the inherent nature and attributions of an honest-to-goodness State – precisely such as the Republic of the Philippines, having the Filipino language, in tenure of Philippine culture and tradition.  Thus stands the integral reality of the Filipino nation and thus dutifully and accordingly provides the Philippine Constitution.  But then, the following can be legitimately asked:

Independent Foreign Policy?  How could this be real and true when a Country is precisely some kind of a playing field of big, rich and powerful Nations with their respective foreign policies and designs continuously invading the Philippines?

National Sovereignty?  What could be real and true in such a sterling quality when the Philippines is basically a poor and thus needy Country and wherefore in pursuit of basically financial support from big, opulent and thus influential Nations?

Territorial Integrity?  When could this be a reality when even in these days, the Philippines is not only divided into many islands but also occupied by many Tribes dutifully speaking their languages, observing their customs and traditions.

Self-Determination?  When could this be an actuality when in these days and times, the whole world is ruled by certain quasi-omnipotent Nations – USA plus England, Russia plus China – with their respective devastating nuclear power.

Question:  Should the above cited signal and precious State Policy be then erased from the Philippine Constitution as something but Quixotic in significance and dreamy in implications?  Answer:  No!  So it is that the following could be among the primary agenda for the Philippine Government:  Promote and strengthen  the community of given Nations just like the ASEAN.   Gradually but surely redeem the Philippines from poverty within and dependence from other Nations.  Make the Filipino people truly one and united  by cleansing their ranks from local and foreign terrorists, from divisive ideologies with their likewise respective divisive designs.

Would that the Filipinos come to really believe and be strongly convinced they have no home like the Philippines in the context of the endearing song “Philippines my Philippines”.  Those who go to live in other Nations, renouncing even their Filipino citizenships – not really few of them looking down at and despising even their real in-born nationality – while Filipinos should not really look down on them, neither however should they look up to them.  The truth is that theirs remain the Filipino blood, the Filipino nature, the Filipino person – considering that papers no matter how official, cannot really change said natural in-born realities.