Monday, May 22, 2017


When certain Nations are preoccupied with getting rid of other considered inimical Countries, when some governments are resolved to do away with perceived disgusting Nations, when the powers that be appear but using their available funds for investing and testing, manufacturing and positioning weapons the basic intent and finality of which are to kill and do away with  their perceived enemies, lo and behold, there is this huge, strong and famous Country that seems ready and prepared to unite Countries and their citizens, to somehow make them one people through a creative and unique, admirable and even profitable venture.  So said the planner.  So goes the song.  So comes the jubilation.

The hurrah is “One Belt. One Road.”  -- with the distinct silence of the elementary and logical conclusion of “One World”.  Why oh why?!  If the globe would be tightened up with but “One Belt”, if the world would be thereafter closely interconnected with but “One Road” – how come the Country thus promoting the phenomenal idea simply stopped there!?  If the big plan, the wonderful intention, the unique venture were genuine and true, how come “One World” as an elementary conclusion thereof is nowhere mentioned , nowhere written?

When the “Song” was first sung, one could not help but feel exuberant with the awe and admiration for the “Singer” – with the thought that at long last, the world would be at last blessed with unity and friendship, with peace and prosperity.  So it was that not really a few people looked at the Country primarily concerned with the vision and consonant pronouncement, with profound respect and admiration – until something categorically contrary to the said allegation-vision appears to have been contradicted by none other that the visionary Country itself.

Why?  The supposed champion of world unity and peace has in fact established launching pads of downright  killer missiles aimed at no less than a Country not really far therefrom.  This is  like singing the blessings of peace only to be followed by a well-prepared action for war.  There must be  something devious if not exactly delusional in such an incarnate duplicity.  It is not normal for someone to appear promoting unity and peace while at the same time precisely preparing for war – with all the inhumanity of man to man remaining thus accepted and prepared for.

So it  is now rather obvious that the song of “One Belt. One Road.”  does not on purpose envisioned “One World”.  So it is that in Asia alone, unity and peace continue to remain elusive – if not downright morally impossible during these times – at least.  And needless to say, this sad.  Why?  Simply because it can be done.  It can take place.  It can be a reality.  Yet, a truly laudable projected phenomenon, it is not.  Countries against Countries.  Peoples versus Peoples.  Humanity contra humanity. The ultimate conclusion from all these contradictions is the living reality of Satan behind a good number of people – whatever word with the same reality and implications could be invoked.  Conclusion:  Something is wrong with man who hates and even kills his fellowman.  This phenomenon is sad – very sad indeed.  So it is that it is not simply knives and swords, guns and machineguns, grenades and cannons, but also bombs of many kind with the over-all spirit that the more people are killed, the better.  Pitiful humanity!