Monday, May 29, 2017


First things first.  The People of the Philippines have much to cry for, lament about and mourn for on account of the truly sorrowful and even deadly  legacy left behind by the previous Administration – some kind of a family governing heritage that started as far back as  the infamous “Mendiola Massacre” during which some more or less 18 farmers from the well-known Hacienda in a nearby Province were gunned down without mercy, without sorrow, without remorse.  So it is that to this date and time, it is said that some kind of a curse continues to haunt the Country in conjunction with the same infamous Hacienda.

More.  When a well-known and much respected  Lawman  dared to right the wrong in the same Hacienda, the notorious “Impeachment” of a truly considered honorable Man of the Law came about.  Reason:  He dared to right the wrong in the same plantation by affirming the rightful claims of the farmers concerned.  His ouster from the Office was done not only extra-well but also extra-fast.  It was said  that the pay-offs to have the Lawman impeached with fervor and zeal were huge in amount and fast in changing hands.  So it was that the guilty verdict was nonchalantly  pronounced.  The Lawman has gone to his grave and now resting in peace.  The prime mover of the impeachment is still around though practically unseen and unheard of.  In due time, he too will hit the ground.  Whom he would meet and see thereafter, nobody knows.

There is also the said well-funded passage of the Birth Control Law – under exactly the contrary heading of “Reproductive Health Bill” which is precisely against reproduction and wherefore pro-population control.  It was said that the People of the Philippines wallow  in poverty because of alleged “Over-population” – without  even but insinuating that their poverty and misery were in effect by and large caused by the incarnate huge graft and corrupt practices in then government with the disgusting descriptive title of “Pork Barrel”.  Practically all kinds of conceivable taxes  were imposed on the people  by the Government, the total sum of which in turn were said to have been spent for practically any agenda – except for the public welfare, the common good of the people.

This is not to mention some likewise truly lamentable events that took place some time during the reign of the same Administration and thereafter  basically responded to with government nonchalance – all in terms of lives killed, family lamentations heard and justice nowhere found up to this writing: The Luneta Hostage Killing that violently ended the lives of innocent foreign visitors who came to the Philippines to meet the Filipinos, to enjoy local sights and sounds.  The Atimonan Murders where the guilty and innocent were nonchalantly gunned down to death – but with the perceived most guilty in the group even hospitalized and cared for.  The Maguindanao Massacre where no  less than 58 individuals were mercilessly gunned down and where justice  seems to have been buried with. The SAF deadly betrayal still waiting for the over-all responsible and culpable individuals to be brought to justice.

And there is the same past Administration that is basically accountable for the now obtaining DDD – Drugged. Dragged.  Dead.  – in the Country.  Truth to tell, the prohibited and mortal drug industry in the Country can be readily considered as generously bequeathed to the people of the Philippines by the same previous administration.  This is but a conclusion but such appears the truth.