Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Needless to say, the Barangay System in the Philippines now appears not simply  more relevant but also more significant – considering the more signal taking place in the Country during these particular times – such as criminality, drug addiction, rebellion even.  Yes, there are these and those powerful government officials in these and those Regions, Provinces and Cities tasked to ascertain the latter’s common good.  Yes, there are those and these government superior entities attending to these and those agenda all over the Country for the public good of the people in general.  But the Barangay entities and governance – specially their vigilance function has now in one way or another become more appropriate and important – given its well-confined coverage  area, its more direct knowledge of the place plus its more intimate evaluation of its respective constituency – their acta and agenda at the basic level of the People of the Philippines, viz., its more direct intervention at the mass base of Philippine Society.

Probably due to the dysfunctional Justice System in the Country that not simply works in the realm of eternity but also usually bows down to the rich and powerful at the expense of poor and miserable people in need of its services, possibly on account of too many civil as well as criminal Cases waiting to be resolved as well as there are but a few prisons vis-a-vis thousands of prisoners, so it is that more and more Cases pile up in the same way that more and more criminals are but laughing at different kinds of law enforcers – not really few of whom are themselves law-breakers, which is sad but true.

There are certain distinct realities in the Country that should be well considered  in order to take a good look at their big significance and relevance.  And among them are the lowly  and humble Barangays.  They are practically all over the Country.  Their respective area of coverage with their given tasks or agenda is small territorial coverage with their likewise relatively rather small population.  To these they render various services particularly in terms of community vigilance, arbitration and peace.  Questions:  What on earth is this all about?  Why bring this matter to public attention?  Are there no other more important concerns, more signal questions that should be addressed?

Answers: There are known and wanted criminals here and there.  There are dangerous gangsters in this or that neighborhood.  There are kidnappers and illegal gamblers, drunkards and rapists in different places.  This is not to mention the presence of terrorists of different kinds with different names in this and that  Municipality or City, Province or Region.  And all these territories are ultimately divided into different Barangays one after the other.  In other words, there is no misdeed with the malefactor concerned who is living, staying or resting in one Barangay or another.

Conclusions:  Said truly the smallest territorial institution in the Country deserves more attention, better appreciation and pursuant attention – considering that there is nobody and nothing that is not in a Barangay, covered by a Barangay.  Those therein elected for office – be this for supervisory or vigilant agenda – should be thus really able, dependable and responsible individuals.  The barangay election should be held as provided by the pertinent law so that the constituents thereof have the opportunity to choose truly wise and courageous officials.