Friday, April 21, 2017

“YOU SHALL NOT KILL.” (Exodus 29:13) “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.” (Exodus 20:14) “YOU SHALL NOT STEAL.” (Exodus 20:15)

Not really few are those who believe that the Commandments  - clear, plain and  simple Mandates authored by Divinity for humanity to comply with – are but intended for the life hereafter and beyond or for the purely spiritual welfare and eternal salvation of those who comply therewith.  Kindly but categorically said:  Yes, they definitely have relevance in the thereafter and beyond.  But yes too, they certainly have their impact here and now.  Reason:  Their violations not simply make the victims suffer and mourn here and now but also make their violators marked candidates for agonizing hereafter and beyond.

If the Philippines is becoming a more and more dangerous place to live in or even to go to as officially warned by different Countries to safeguard their respective citizens from killings day and night, if the Filipinos have an increasing number of suffering and agonizing separated families plus progressively more unwedded couples to the big disorientation plus bitter lamentations of their children in particular, if many among the People of the Philippines are denied their public welfare and thus remain wallowing in poverty and misery – all these are by and large caused by killings here and there, by adulteries among many spouses plus but cohabitations among men and women plus gross dishonesty specially on the part of their public officials supposedly working for their public welfare.

Killing.  Is there anything at all more precious than life?  Wealth, power and fame?  Authority, wisdom and strength?  Prestige, prominence and honor?  With the taking away of life, what is there that remains?  The soul is invaluable.  But this truth is basically in view of its timelessness  to come.  But in the sphere of the here and now, life is the summit of all human attributions so that killing is in turn the neutralization of all human endowments.  So it is that killing one or more individuals essentially equals downright erasure of their living existence.

Adultery:  Human dignity such as in terms of fidelity to an oath knowingly made and willfully assumed for a lifetime, can be readily considered as the apex of the dignity among married men and women – without any reference to power or wealth, fame or fortune.  So it is that the violation of a solemn promise taken or a sacred commitment made, equals  human indignity, betrayal, falsity even.  It is an exercise in futility to make aduletery a reason for pride and celebration.  So it is that adultery is a big, shameful, dishonorable, self-cheapening phenomenon.

Stealing:  Greed, avarice, rapaciousness – these are the basic triggering factors of stealing.  What one does not own is precisely because the stolen goods rightfully belong to someone else if not to others as well.  Even children are again and again insistently and repeatedly told in one way or the other, not to take what is not theirs.  There are however these already rich individuals plus those families already reeking in wealth and abundance that remain insatiable and thus covetous of what rightfully belong to others.

Do not kill.  Do not commit adultery.  Do not steal.  Are these elementary and universal mandates too  hard to understand?