Friday, April 14, 2017


 Yes, it is true that life has its interchanging moments of joy and episodes of sorrow.  For those however who think deeper and reflect better, they usually come to know that there are also glorious moments in life that are truly worth noting  and being thankful for.  No.  This is not to say that man’s day-to-day living is full of joy always but neither is it loaded always with sorrow.  It is thus incumbent upon everyone to be conscious and thus be likewise appreciative with the real as well as signal exaltations  - victories, triumphs, jubilations – that come about in their lives every now and then.  More concrete examples are the following.

Time of living ever:
Life here and now remains a blessing – difficult at times  though it be.  So it is that make the said blessing altogether  unending and this is equals to living forever with death done away with.  Among other things, life here and now is meant for life hereafter and beyond.  So it is that as gold is tried by fire, life undergoes trial by suffering so that life forever comes thereafter.  (For example:  The Resurrection)

Time of Higher Living:
So it is that life without end is meant for and in a likewise unending place – a state of continuous  living and constant loving.  A life lived well such as in terms of always loving and wherefore always serving, has its proper destiny hereafter and beyond.  Consummate love, unending goodness  and continuous  righteousness are meant for the hereafter and the beyond. (For example:   The Ascension)

Time of Enlightenment:
In exchange for Life that goes up and beyond,  there is on the other hand a living Truth that comes down  for the here and now.  This is but fair whereas it is some kind of an exchange of Gift:  The celebrated ascent of someone is responded to by marvelous descent of another as some kind of a this for that.  This is fair.  This is laudable.  This is marvelous.  (For example:  The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Time of Recognition:
There is someone marvelously distinct and singular:  She knows no man but becomes a mother.  She remains singular and single yet has a child.  She is but a humble human being who gives birth to the greatest Man who in fact is Divine.  With her Son gone, He takes her along.  So is it that as Mother and Son are inseparable then, inseparable as well they are now.  (For example:  The Assumption)

Time of Affirmation:
She is a personal witness to her innocent Child pronounced guilty and condemned to death – although what He teaches is right, what He says is truth.  She is a first hand witness to her own good and innocent Child made to carry a cross.  She is a distinct witness to her blessed Child nailed to the cross.  So it is in their eventual meeting again.  The Son makes his mama Queen.  (For example:  The Coronation)

Such are the unending fundamental truths and timeless realities of life.  It is from what is real and true in the beyond and hereafter that man can best know, learn and live what are the realities and the truths here and now.  Otherwise, a really big loser he becomes now and ever.