Monday, April 10, 2017


Notwithstanding all the sorrows in life someone encounters, undergoes and feels, it is but fair to recognize and appreciate the delights and jubilations that also comes his way in one form or another.  No, this is not simply a negation of pessimism nor merely a matter of optimism.  But much less is it the essence of indifferentism that refuses to accept the truth that life undergoes continuous change of sorrows and joys.  So it is that living has its episodes of sadness but it also has its Moments of Joy of one kind or another.  More concrete examples are the following:

Moment of Exaltation:
When a woman absolutely pure and relatively advanced in age is unexpectedly and wherefore surprisingly told and assured that she will become a mother – she will bear a child, she will have a son to love and care for, to watch over and play with – such is gladdening and inspiring good news.  It is good new to hear as it brings about feelings of delight and blessedness.  (For example:  The Annunciation)

Moment of Affirmation:
But then, the unexpected joy brought about by the precious good new of pregnancy in fact becomes more blissful when someone close to and appreciated by the mother-to-be affirms the latter’s really forthcoming  motherhood.  The fact is that both women are related by blood, both of them are expectant and both of them are indeed truly happy for one another.  (For example: The Visitation)

Moment of Rapture:
Then the bliss, the glee and delight in effect come about when the blessed woman concerned in fact brings to fore her one and only super precious baby.  The truth is that the singular and blessed birthday event is clearly announced and becomes known to many, far and near.  It is an event worth knowing about whereas living will never be the same for many people.  (For example:  Christmas Day)

Moment of Affirmation:
Time comes when both the mother and the child have to be affirmed about the dignity and singularity of the baby as well as the nobility and purity of the mama.  The child is exalted in his person and destiny.  The mama is affirmed for her loving care for the child.  So it is that mother and child become inseparable – with one giving honor and exaltation to another.  (For example:  The Presentation)

Moment of Jubilation:
But then something pitiful and lamentable comes about, viz., the mother fails to find her child, the latter is missing to the perplexity and grief of the former.  She asks around but to no avail.  Until the mama eventually sees his child talking with older people, answering their questions, resolving their doubts.  (For example: The Finding in the Temple)

For those who think and reflect well, they know and become aware that while there are days of sorrow or moments of tears in their lives, there too are occasions of happiness and moments of delight.  In other words, there are endearing events and these are nothing less than Moments of Joy.