Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Life is trying.  Living is hard.  There are so many problems to face, so many difficulties to bear.  The present is challenging and the future is uncertain.  The day is difficult to face  while the night is frightening to bear.  There are even times when one feels alone and lonely, not to mention those moments when someone feels lost, wallows in despair to the point of wanting to take his own life away.  These are some of the Episodes of Sorrow that are common in one’s day to day living.  More concrete examples are the following:

Episode of Agony:
There are times when someone suffers even but from the vivid thoughts of intense forthcoming pain and shame when in fact there is absolutely nothing bad he has done at all, no evil of any kind he authored ever.  But while having the moral certainty of having done nothing wrong  at any time, in any place, he is however sure that intense suffering he will undergo. (For example:  Agony in the Garden)

Episode of Pain:
While pain is already felt simply by thinking about its forthcoming certainty, it is definitely  not less stinging when it is  actually inflicted again and again – precisely on someone who does not in any way deserve it.  For the good he has done, for the kindness he has shown, for the understanding he shows – for these he is insulted, maligned, despised.  (For example:  Scourging at the Pillar)

Episode of Ridicule:
Being not simply shamed and embarrassed for having done good and well – this is not reasonable, much less acceptable.  Even but elementary logic stipulates that what is right is not despicable and what is wrong is not commendable.  To be wherefore shamed instead of being praised, to be condemned instead of being appreciated – this is neither fun nor funny.  (For example:  Crowning with Thorns)

Episode of Torment:
It is neither according to elementary logic nor pursuant to simple ethics that someone having continuously done what is true, right and just, would be subjected to one extra painful and shameful event.  The following is thus despicable and detestable:  Subject someone to long and intense suffering notwithstanding the good and just he has done before.  (For example:  Way of the Cross).

Episode of Life Lost:
It is not enough to severely penalize or irrationally punish someone precisely for having done good, for having told the truth, for being extra fair and just.  He is even made to undergo extra ridicule and extreme pain, continuous big insults and big indignities.  But even such humiliation and vexation are not deemed enough.  A hideous death he is made to undergo.  (For example: Crucifixion and Death)

The living reality, the standing truth is that people – unless they have no conscience, knows no morality, subscribes to falsities, believes in lies – all undergo basically the same Episodes of Sorrow in their lives.