Monday, April 24, 2017


 In addition to other constitutional and  wherefore fundamental requirements with basically elementary nature and implications – such as age, citizenship, residency – the more distinct and telling mandatory qualifications demanded of those aspiring for membership in the Legislative and Executive Departments, is that they should know how to read and write.  These two personal requirements  on the part of the candidates for election to the said Departments with their respective demanding tasks of either enacting laws or implementing legislations thus enacted, yes, come in terms of but their knowing how to read and write.  To say that such double constitutional elementary requirement is mandatory for electoral  candidacy for the aforesaid two Departments truly invites the mind to think and to wonder – if not tickles the will to laugh, to howl...
Never mind if a candidate has a sound mind or not, is free from volitional dysfunction or otherwise – can read and write yes but does not even understand what he/she reads and/or writes about.  Never mind as well if a candidate suffers from a serious personality disorder or something the like.  Truth to say, the reality truly considered important and imperative for a candidate whether he/she is rich and popular or otherwise – even without really knowing how to read and write.  It is perfectly alright if he/she does not even understand the rationale of laws, the significance of implementation the laws enacted.  To know how to read and write – this is what constitutionally matters and this is enough.

Never mind if a candidate has not the right value system or in effect does not know what is right or wrong, does not care what is true or false.  It is really of no consequence if he/she makes no distinction between what is ethical or not, what is moral or otherwise.  So it is that the primary rule to observe and to wherefore realize is what benefits him/her, what is to his/her advantage, or otherwise.   This is egoism incarnate that makes someone feel and believe that he/she is the center of the world such that everybody and everything have to bow down to his/her person and position, his/her desire and design.

Never mind if a candidate thinks and/or feels that he/she is the center of the world, the hero and wherefore the hope and pride of the Country.  It is alright if the candidate even thinks that without him/her, the Philippines is hopeless and doomed if not detestable and lamentable even.  The savior of the people, the hope of the land, the blessing of the present plus forthcoming generation – these can  readily be the belief and conviction of someone who knows but how to read and write.

Why oh why is it that even but drivers should know more than how to read and write?  Why oh why is it that even factory workers, security guards as well as policemen and soldiers are required to know much more than simply how to read and write?  This is not to mention the professionals in various fields of human ventures and endeavors.  If someone only knows how to read and write, these would be even enough even but for street vendors are somehow experts in addition and subtraction.

And yet, members of the Judiciary are required to be persons of proven competence, integrity,  probity and independence.  (Phil. Constitution, Art. VIII, Section 7, No.3)