Friday, March 03, 2017


The above-cited term used to describe an irregular, basically errant if not downright erratic action and reaction pattern of an individual is said to have inherent reference to one kind or another of expressly acknowledged Personality Disorder commonly identified and accordingly worded in the expert professional circle – such as pinpointed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) regularly updated and issued by the American Psychiatric Association (AMA).  Needless to say, the said publication which is regularly updated according to gradually more and more scientific behavioural findings, is duly considered as a well-tenable and dependable reference material.

Habitual and pervasive disregard, customary and nonchalant violation of the rights of others as noted from young age to adulthood – this actuation pattern is usually associated with the thinking and consequent behavioural pattern of Sociopathy or dissocial personality disorder also known as Antisocial Personality Constitution whose key and central features are deception and manipulation – usually done without downright ill will nor full intention.  reason:  It is a constitutive personality trait that is built in the personality make-up of an individual and wherefore beyond his/her full volitional or will control.

For a more  tenable conclusion of the existent reality and existential actuality of Sociopathy, the following are the more commonly considered requirements verified on the person/personality of the subject party concerned:  a.  The individual concerned should be at least eighteen years old.  b.  The same person should have already manifested some conduct disorder before fifteen years old.  c.   The same agent should have repeatedly and persistently violated the rights of others.  All these negative personality traits should substantially continue in the adulthood of the individual concerned – such that the latter nonchalantly continues to be such in his/her errant action and reaction patterns.

So it is that in substance, according to well-known professionals together with well-known authors, Sociopathy is an informal term used to make reference to anti-social attitudes and consequent behavior.  It would be quite difficult to measure the socio-moral responsibility of an agent afflicted with the socio-affective malady.  It can be rightfully said however that theirs is neither a consummate non-responsibility for their own words, actions and behavior – a non-responsibility which is attributed to downright mentally-deranged individuals.

Let it be noted that while the term “sociopath” is said to be every now and then used interchangeably with “psychopath”, they each however have certain particular nuances and pertinent nuances.  As before already said, the word “sociopath” has particular reference to an anti-social mentality and consequent behavior in conjunction with particular environmental realities.  However, the term “psychopath” with its innate negative and even dehumanizing  - chaotic or violent upbringing – is usually the eventual product of a disordered growing-up years.

Whatever it be, those perceived and/or proven as belabored by any given Personality Disorder should be the object-party of understanding and patience – not the subject-party of disdain and ridicule.  No one – and that means no one – makes the choice to be a “sociopath” or someone “anti-social”.