Friday, March 31, 2017


“Same Sex Attraction” (SSA):  Such  is another phrase now deliberately used in order to do away with the long since existing  pejorative meaning and insulting implications of the term or phrase “LGBT” plus the term “Homosexuality” in general.  The said phrase has the same intention and spirit of the previously used and cited “Gender Identity Difficulty” (GID).  Needless to say, all the above novel phrases thought of and used have but one substantive intention, viz., to respect those who do not altogether feel and/or act like the ordinary men and women in their socio-affective way of living.  In other words, every human person with any given non-standard sexual preference remains someone to be respected and concerned about in accord the over-all spirit of the well-known mandate, “Love your neighbour.”

The composite letters or phrase “SSA” is in substance understood as a persistent and dominant attraction of sexual nature towards persons with the same sexual preference.  The thus qualified  attraction should not only be persistent or continuous but also dominant or controlling and thereby confining as well.  The attraction of emotional nature and pursuant carnal implications towards someone of the same sex – in enduring and insistent thought and reaction pattern – is the essence of “SSA”.  Let it be well noted that the predicament caused by such someone’s attraction towards some or certain individuals with the same sex is in substance nothing else than the core meaning of GID itself.

So is it that the introduction and/or use of GID in accord with the spirit and intent of SSA – together with other nomenclatures that are already in use or still under consideration – is an updated phrase or expression basically intended to do away with other well-known and thus well-used terminology such as homosexuality that demeans if not in effect insults anyone with such a gender ambivalence.  Unless these or those individuals with such a sexual predicament would want and/or even enjoy being insulted by being looked down upon as confirmed and active homosexuals, then they should welcome the relatively  new phrases  thus forwarded such as SSA in the context of respect for their persons and deference to their human dignity. 

One thing is thus certain: Unless someone with GID or SSA wants and even enjoys downgrading himself or her herself by words and/or actions that in effect lessens his or her own human dignity and pursuant good name, it would be a big presumption  to assume that such sexual ambivalence  is not their own liking or preference, their own free choice or deliberate option.  Reason:  Said sexual conflicting situation and pursuant attraction is not altogether the deliberate ego-option of those thus sexually conditioned.  So it is that there are now different Association and/or Movements that came to fore – actual and operational, local and foreign – specifically intended to assist men and women with SSA.

But then, all the above clarifying and even defensive stance do not in any way argue much less confirm or demonstrate the validity and/or legitimacy  of the  so-called “Same Sex Marriage”.