Friday, March 10, 2017


In more lofty language:  So it is that the Love of God and the Love of Neighbor  are the official distillation of no less than the much disseminated  well-known Ten Commandments that Divinity very long since gave humanity to obey so that people the world over will live in truth, in love, and in peace. And this reality has been proven for hundreds of years when people live together and interact with one another.  The genuine love of God leads to the true love of neighbor whom God Himself has given living existence – with the added attributes of knowing  and loving.  The love of neighbor leads to the love of God whose Image is imprinted in the human person.  So it is that the true love of God and the real love of neighbor are an inseparable duo for peace on earth and for the good of the universe as a whole.

Among other elementary conclusions that can be drawn from the above-said fundamental truths are the following:  That the hatred of God will not and cannot in truth lead to the love of  neighbor just as the aversion towards one’s neighbor will not and cannot in fact culminate in the real love of God.  Such a salient and distinct composite truth is well-premised on the standing reality that it is only from God that man can ultimately come – in the same way that the inherent worth of man can only be premised on the signal truth that he is precisely made to the Image of God.  It can thus be said that separate man from God and/or separate God from man would make man lesser in dignity and – so to speak – make God lesser in greatness and in goodness.

So it is that disbelief in the reality of God ultimately means disgust for neighbor – in the same way that disregard for the dignity of neighbor eventually equals disdain for the greatness of God.  Loving God  while hating neighbor  just as loving neighbor while hating God is the height of falsity, the summit of duplicity.  So it is that in the realm of basic truths, the loving of God plus the loving of neighbor  together bring people back to reason and ethics, to faith and morals.  So it is that the disdain of God and hatred of neighbor eventually lead people to  madness and depravity, to sadism and amorality.

In more earthly language: Woe to a people placed under the governance of falsity in the recognition of right Divinity plus rancor towards all others dissenting to its amoral value system and consequent litany of errant deeds.  Such a double malady on the part of public authority in general is the strong malediction of the present and a big curse for the future.  In due time, they will be all six feet below the ground but the effects of their evil deeds will still be around for some time.

No!  The above realities are neither that profound nor that complicated in significance and implications.  No!  The same thoughts are thus neither that hard to understand, much less that difficult to grasp.  Yes!  The said realities  are precisely in fact existent in the Country these times.  Yes! There is much to worry the way the Filipinos are being  governed, much to lament the manner their sensibilities are being desensitized precisely by insensitive governance.

So it is that more and more adults are either angry or simply become unconcerned.  And the youth?  For them, the end justifies the means.  Value system is to each its own.  Human rights are but senseless claims.  To kill is OK!