Monday, March 27, 2017


The issue of “Same Sex Marriage” recently came to fore – again.  The subject matter is neither really that enigmatic nor is it in effect true to say that the said practice had its origin primarily in North America and has been since then making its headway to other Countries – the Philippines included.  The downright truth of the matter is that the substance and implications of said phenomenon  are already well-recorded in the Old Testament itself in the lamentable Sodom and Gomorrah episode (Genesis, Chap. 19; Deut. Chap 29; Isa. 1).  So it is that  there nothing novel nor surprising   about the said species of marriage in terms of a same-sex supposedly conjugal relationship.  In fact, there are now much more individuals who are also much more vocal and insistent in the legalization of the said “Marriage”.

Let it be expressly and clearly said that those thus concerned are definitely not lesser persons in intrinsic dignity and inherent worth than those  subscribing to and living the standard marriage as established by Natural Law and affirmed by Scriptural Teaching.  Neither wherefore are they exempted  from the intrinsic dignity of every human being in conformity with the rule of Ethics and the legal  provision about human dignity.  So it is that instead of the usual discriminatory mention of the somehow derogatory nomenclature LGBT, the phrase Gender Identity Difficulty sounds not only respectful but also says the objective reality of the phenomenon.

The Difficulty – which is but affective or volitional in nature and definitely not mental in implication – precisely consists in the problematic when a man feels completed by another man while a woman in turn senses complementation by another woman.  Such a particular human predicament can be anything but deserving of humiliation, rejection, or ridicule even.  The mandate of love and respect of others in no way excludes those having the said Difficulty which is neither their own choice, much less their own making whereas it is by and large natal in origin.

Let it be noted that there are ground realities in the realm of nature and in the sphere of truth which no Civil Law could ever contradict in reality and in fact.  And a most commonly accepted and thus accordingly  observed practice by humanity in general is precisely the fundamental  certitude and consequent observance that it is a man and a woman, a woman and a man that in fact and in truth complement one another in mind and will, in affective unity and corporal union – realities which find their culmination in marriage whereby “Two” become “One” – a oneness that eventually and usually brings others into living existence as the multiple offspring of the coupled man and woman/woman and man.  Such is the intrinsic nature, the inherent disposition and ingrained potential of a man and woman joined in marriage – something which no Civil Law can in fact and in truth change much less abrogate.  This is why the pairing of a man and a man or a woman and a woman is called “Holy Union”, “Love and Care Partnership” and other titles – but marriage it is not as determined by Natural Law, as provided by reason and ethics.