Wednesday, March 01, 2017


“The Filipino People Need to Know the Truth”

Sometime last week, a whole page Statement printed in certain national dailies carried the above-cited quite informative Title plus Sub-title – with its more detailed contents.  While its substantive contents are well in accord with the teaching of the Universal Church, it was definitely not the CBCP that caused its publication – even but considering its medico-professional pronouncements.  Following are some of its most signal and revealing affirmations which are rather hard to deny even if only on account of their professional affirmations and technical undertones:

“2.  The Supreme Court has uncovered the attempt to open the floodgates to abortions thru the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the RH LAW crafted by DOH that allow abortifacient drugs.  The Supreme Court stopped that attempt by nullifying that IRR by a vote of 14-1.”

Why the secrecy?  The secret but deliberate attempt to implement the RH Law through abortive means uncovers the fact that there is something heinous in the Law as well as something repugnant in its implementing thus qualified drugs.  It is not only atrocious but also heinous that nothing less than a supposedly pro-health Department in the government is poised to kill even but the unborn.

“3.  The 47 contraceptive drugs and devices that have been re-certified by FDA have abortifacient character that ‘induce abortion or the destruction of a fetus inside the mother’s womb or the prevention of the fertilized ovum to reach and be implanted in the mother’s womb.’ Yet, these drugs were purchased by DOH and distributed and sold to the public.”

It is not merely a question of spending public funds from direct and indirect taxes paid by the general public.  There is also the question of what abortifacients were bought, from what manufacturers were they bought and why.  It is but a flight of imagination that there could readily have been some financial considerations in such purchases to favor precisely the purchasers?

“4.  All the 77 contraceptive drugs and devices in the FDA website exhibit a mechanism of action that causes abortion, as proven by pharmacological and scientific evidence.”

So it is not merely a question of abortifacient drugs but also a matter of likewise abortifacient devices.  This is not simply gross because it is categorically anti-life in conjunction with the drug but also on account of the camouflage in terms of the devices used.

“5.  The DOH and FDA have the bounden duty to inform the public of real risks to life and health.  Transparency should be the rule of the game – enough of secrecy and lies.”

This pronouncement appears to be not simply full OF distrust towards the DOH  and the DFA but also loaded with exasperation.  And rightly so:  A Health Department that promotes death plus a Drug Administration that advances poison.