Friday, February 17, 2017


 Pride of the Country, common good of the people, service to all individuals concerned – such is the composite profound and blessed reality brought about by the tripod of the emergence of truth, the observance of justice, the reign of peace!  Its opposite can be readily considered a big composite curse:  Falsehood brings about iniquity which in turn causes disunity.  There is nothing profound about such a pitiful and lamentable phenomenon whereas such is something empirical the moment there is more than but one individual concerned like a family, a community, a Country – unlike a hermit being alone, living alone, dying alone.

The reign of the above-said tripod in society – Truth.  Justice.  Peace. – is definitely not asking for a perfect State, a heavenly Country, a blissful society.  Such is simply meant to seek what is right, what is reasonable and wherefore acceptable – considering that the following blatant realities are but some kind  of Filipino daily bread long since obtaining in the Philippines.  It is practically impossible to bring the powerful to Court for downright crimes committed, it takes even decades to have the convictions of the powerful and wherefore necessarily wealthy individuals – if said convictions are eventually proven at all.  More.  Once clearly proven guilty for the grave violations of Penal Law, such individuals are but sent to known hospitals while powerless and miserable convicts infallibly go to prisons – considering that prisons are demeaning as well as uncomfortable to be locked and to live in.  Such is the over-all picture of the long since obtaining Injustice System in the Philippines.  This is no secret.

The honest-to-goodness proof of truth, the eventual emergence of justice and the consequent reign of peace are neither but a dream or simply a “Pie in the Sky”.  It may not be that easy nor that fast to ascertain their composite reality as a triad.  But neither is it impossible nor improvable to have it as a societal reality.  It is but having an honest-to-goodness Justice System that separates the right from the wrong, that distinguishes between what is virtuous or vicious, what is rewarding or downright punishable.

Review, reform, and renew the Justice System in the Country – more concretely  in terms of the following doable agenda:  Let there be briefer Processes.  Have more knowledgeable and capable, more courageous and honest  -- and well-paid – Judges.  Establish more Courts in the Country – with the Supreme Court remaining precisely one and supreme.  It is not only possible but also highly commendable that a proper, trusted and working Justice System be accordingly established for service to the general public precisely for the emergence of public welfare.

Otherwise, the consequences of an inefficient and deficient – if not precisely an unjust – Justice System in the Country are the following sad and demeaning realities:  The Courts all over the land now have Cases which pile up, gather dust and remain unresolved.  So is it that on one hand, there are the powerful and the wealthy who are having fun though blatantly corrupt and corrupting.  Meanwhile, there are the poor and powerless who are easily judged and accordingly incarcerated.  Thus stands and works the Injustice System in the Philippines.