Wednesday, February 01, 2017


As the Holy Book says, it all started when God made man and thereafter made woman so that together they complemented/completed one another and supposedly stayed happy together their whole life through.  The trouble was that their Creator gave them not only the mind to know but also the will to decide.  So it came to pass that together as well they defiled their own Maker precisely by going against the clear and expressed injunction of the Latter.  They did precisely what they were told not to do.  They did exactly what they were told to avoid doing.  And instead of taking the blame for their own misdeed, lo and behold, they pointed at something else – the evil spirit – as the one responsible for their misdeed by precisely asking them to do something forbidden by their own Creator.  Hence, at fault they alleged they were not.  They simply did what they were told by the evil one and wherefore they incurred no guilt.  And since then up to these times in particular, man has become God’s biggest problem – instead of being His pride and honor, rather than His joy and consolation.  No wonder then that to this date, man is a big question mark.  Why?

Why does he listen to what the evil spirit says instead of doing what his own Maker tells him to do or abstain from doing?  Why does he trample upon and hurt others instead of helping and serving them?  Why does he deceive and steal from other people rather than sweat it out to live honestly by his own industry and labor?  Why does he feed on the weak and the poor, the ignorant and helpless rather than help them stand on their own two feet to live with dignity and honor?  Why does he take advantage of the children  and women by using them for pleasure and/or for business.  Why does he side with the potentates contra  the helpless, cavort with the powerful to cover up their  own misdeeds and even advance their own malevolent interests?  Why does he enjoy  having people killed any time of the day, any day of the week, for one reason or another?

There must be something wrong with man as to the way he thinks, he feels, he acts.  No wonder then that these days, there is open as well as covert bloody terrorism, there are mortal explosives planted here and there, there are even on-going downright deadly warfare here and there.  In fact, there are countries whose main agenda is to develop more and more destructive weaponries, to build their  big and strong armies, to prepare for war wherever and whenever such would come about – an inhuman venture that kills anybody in any possible way, that destroys anything and everything possible that is on its way.  This is not to mention the infamous dehumanizing invention, the so-called “Martial Law” where human rights there are none, where guns are above reason, where death s a matter of course.

But then, God keeps His patience towards man, keeps loving him although unlovable at times.  Reasons: He made him, giving him the mind to know the truth and the will to do what is good.  He therefore finds it hard not to love man and to care for him. He knows that there is always hope that man will not only know  better but will also do better in the course of time.  But then, it is also right and proper to note that there are more good people than bad individuals, more lovable persons than hateful ones.  So it is that God keeps loving humanity in general, some detestable ones notwithstanding – such as those who love killings, enjoy cursing, who listen to but themselves, who in fact think and feel as if they are gods of some sort and who wherefore behave as if they are the saviors of the world!