Monday, February 06, 2017


 After many things are said many times by someone on account of many rumors  heard and many gossips  believed vis-à-vis  apparent egoism lived plus seeming consummate hatred felt, it can be said in all sincerity in one way or another and candor that these are good times particularly for the Church in the Philippines.  Bishops having more than one wife, priests siring more than one child, Churchmen wallowing in wealth and like other rumors and allegations by one and the same distinct personality in the seat of power and might – all these accusations and more, give the local Church the ardent invitation and good opportunity to look closely at the value system, moral standing plus ministerial life of her Clergy.

It is not a secret that the vocation to observe continence and to thus live in celibacy for a lifetime – not to mention the mandate to obedience plus the life of prudence more concretely in terms of temporal goods – are definitely not for anybody, much less for everybody.  So it is that such a way of life and living is neither commonly opted, much less easily lived in truth and in fact.  But those relatively few individuals who make the deliberate option to live by and die therewith remain duty-bound to observe  their commitment for life.  And truth to tell, such way of many sacrifices demands not merely good will and/or right reason but also much prayers, many sacrifices plus a strong resolve.  Conclusion:  To keep their sacred promise and to live their particular state as Clerics constitute one big continuous challenge such that some of them lose themselves along the way precisely by violating their clerical state of life.

So it is that the Universal Church has needed legislations and pursuant observances not only for processing Candidates for Sainthood but also stands in pacified possessions of the required Procedures and consonant practices for penalizing Members of the Clergy proven to have deliberately violated their sworn to State of Life.  The truth of the matter is that the Universal Church herself quite recently made the said Procedures shorter in length and easier to accomplish precisely to get rid of bad Clerics.  And the Church in the Philippines being an integral part of the Universal Church has been since then applying the pertinent procedural norms for penalizing erring Members of the Clergy.  I conjunction with all these, the following observations come to fore:

a.  It all began with the infamous Judas who was a hypocrite – not the Church herself that is one and holy, apostolic in mission and universal in scope.

b.  It is the same evil spirit of Judas that eventually still makes some members of the Clergy betray the Gospel truths and/or discard their sworn to obligations.

c.  It is history that continues to witness how certain individuals are bent on fighting the Church but they will all die and the Church will continue to live and serve.

Conclusion: Feel free to worship any “god”, to belong to any “Sect”, to subscribe to any “religion” of one kind or another. Feel free to criticize Churchmen, to belittle the Church faithful, to go against Church teaching.  But please, dare not challenge, fight, trample upon the Church.  You lose.  Sooner or later you will be six feet under the ground whereas from dust you came and to dust you return.  But 101% certain and  sure, the Church remains around.  Wanna bet?