Friday, February 24, 2017


GOD:  “YOU SHALL NOT KILL.”  (Exodus 20:13)

Is there really a God Who brought the universe to existence, Who gave and continues giving life to all creatures therein, Who made man a living being?  Or are such questions but senseless considerations, pietistic thoughts, inutile queries?  Are the Sacred Scriptures but human inventions wit simply the intention to dupe and manipulate people if not merely to entertain them?  Are the Revelations contained in the Gospel nothing more than but wishful thoughts if not downright falsities?  And when God gave the Commandment “You shall not kill,”  Was He but joking, only having fun, or did not even know what He was saying?

Grossly contrary to but the ten (10) Commandments so that the whole of humanity will live in unity and peace pursuant to the significance of objective realities and the implications of fundamental truths are the following blatant errors – the exact opposites of the Divine Mandates:  Have as many gods as you please.  Adore whosoever or whatever divinity you want.  Do as you please with your parents.  Steal when you have the chance to do so. Commit adulteries as many times as you so desire.  More.  Kill and keep on killing people as many as you want, as often as you so desire.  And since you may kill others, you may also  kill your own self if you so decide for whatever reason.  Living is hard.  Killing is easy.  The living have to sweat and toil while the dead are at least six feet below the ground – unless the same is cremated and his ashes thrown away anywhere, anytime, anyway.

Generally as to the killing of people:  The more people kill one another, the less civilized they are, the more savagely they behave.  So it is that terrorism that does away with lives – the more, the better – can be anything but the expression of sound culture, the manifestation of true civilization.  In the same way, the reign of guns and goons equals the cheapening of lives, the dehumanization of man, the de-civilization of humanity.  So it is that the mere presence of ISIS in  a Country is already a big and loud signal of the cheapening of human lives.

Concretely, in the much publicized and well-known killing of Echegaray: Laid on a T-bed and hereto well tied down with outstretched arms, heavily tranquilized and waited upon to ascertain his numbness, there was much hesitation on the part of the executioner designate to push the button for the lethal injection to be done.  Wherefore, to remedy the situation, no less than three buttons were installed and three individuals were assigned to push them all at the same time so that none of them was sure he did the killing.  Killing someone is indelibly etched on one’s mind – not unless someone is a professional killer.

Specifically as to the proposed law of “Death Penalty”: Since when is the Judicial System in the Philippines that objective, that righteous and just?  Is it not true that the powerful and the wealthy in the Country are by and large exempted from judicial equality, from the demands of justice based on the emergence of truth?  Killing  humans is downright inhuman.

“Death Penalty”? Only GOD gives life.  Only GOD may take it away!