Friday, January 20, 2017


Here we go again.  There is the incumbent administration that is perceived as downright nonchalant about extra-judicial killings, day and night, from Monday to Sunday.  The same highest government authority in the Country is neither that prudent in the use of words and phrases that are considered markedly offensive to hear on the part of genuine ladies and true gentlemen.  And exactly the same supreme public figure has become the topic of news and conversations in certain foreign Countries some of which are downright offended while others are very pleased with his loud and repeated conviction, his vociferous stance and pursuant agenda.  In fact, the same national personality expressly and clearly mentioned “Martial Law” – definitely more than once – as a contemplated option and reasonable response particularly  to the prohibited yet much patronized drug industry in the Country, causing the consequent spread of criminality plus the reign of the then local and now even imported terrorism particularly in a given otherwise singular – naturally rich and beautiful region in the Country.

How serious is the threat of the imposition of Martial Law, this is hard to say.

So it is that with the perceived expressed option of the declaration of martial Law supposedly to bring the Country to its eventual stability and unity, peace and prosperity, there came to fore the apparently secret countermove to unseat the prime mover  for a Martial Law Regime once more – something perceived as odious based on the history of the Country that suffered long and much for dictatorship considered synonymous with Martial Law.  In Philippine history, where the term/reality of martial Law became an odious episode in the life of the Country and where up to this date and time, someone identified with it still caused loud repeated protests upon his burial in a hallowed ground, it is understandable that there is an apparently growing countermove to put a stop to the supposedly prime mover of said Martial Law – in the spirit of “Never again!”

How true is this movement in contra?

Very much more than the truth or the reality of the perceived countermove, what should be known and duly analyzed is the constituency of those said to be thus mobbing against the imposition of martial law by neutralizing the perceived would-be enforcer thereof.  Different perceptions have already come to fore.  There are those who say that it is a matter of color – such as the “yellow” people with their given  political affiliation and agenda.  it is said that alone they are not – considering that there are also groups of citizens who are not exactly happy, much less blessed with their experience of the then Martial Law regime, taking into account the losses they then had and the consequent grief they thus experienced.

Would the imposition of Martial Law in the Country succeed?

The question brings to fore a more relevant question – taking into consideration the downfall of the Martial Law regime specifically on the occasion of the world famous EDSA Revolution:  Aside from the “yellow” brigade, are center high-ranking military officials in accord therewith?  More.  Are there a good number of Church people – irrespective of creed or sect – likewise in accord with the “yellow” plus said men in uniform?  It is worth remembering that the EDSA phenomenon was premised on said tripod.  Needless to say, these are uneasy times.