Friday, January 13, 2017


There is this Priest who personally knows what are the sad realities, the saddening truths about the People of the Philippines – their suffering and gloom, their poverty and misery, their hopes and fears.  Recently, he wrote a book that is worth having and reading, thinking about and resolving so that its readers at least would eventually know what should be done and/or undone in order to bring the Filipinos back on their feet – again.  Below is a little section in the book with big significance and implications – with the whole book bearing the signal title:

“An Echo in the Wilderness”

“No, I cannot be silent
As long as there are barbed wires
And checkpoints
That dominate our landscape.

No, I will not be silent
As long as those who till
Are alienated from the land
And those who labor
Are strangers to the fruit of their toil.

No, I will never rest
As long as there are
Lords and empires
Who control our nation and our hearts
Ad nauseam.

No, I cannot rest as long as the criminals
Are still at large
And continue to sit in their offices.

No, I will not stop
As long as the spiral of death continues
And is glorified as the only way
To salvation
While widows and orphans weep
My voice will continue to echo
The cries of the afflicted
Until this land ceases to be a howling wilderness
And turns into the promised land.”

If even but a page content of the book above cited is already disturbing and inspiring at the same time, having and reading it as a whole can be said as one bog loud wake up call to its readers at least.